Greater Noida, Aug 11, 2022: Janmashtami is marked as one of the auspicious holy festivals in India and the joy was truly exhibited in the special assembly conducted on 11 August 2022 for Classes III to XII.

The assembly started with a beautiful thought for the day followed by the news. Prajjwal of Class VIII recited Krishna Stuti in Sanskrit. The melodies of his recitation were engrossed in devotion and gratitude to Lord Krishna.

The gathering then enjoyed a mesmerising dance performance by Navya and Kritika of Class IX. They bloomed the entire corner of the stage with their graceful presentation depicting the immortal love of Radha-Krishna.

A teacher's talk was presented on this propitious occasion illuminating the students with the great deeds of Lord Krishna. The significance of the day was truly conveyed through the talk highlighting the Dahi-handi celebration which encourages to keep the child within us alive and cheerful.