Greater Noida, January 31, 2015: As a part of the IIT (Integrated Inter-discipline Teaching) Programme, the primary department of the School organised the Annual Food Court wherein students from classes I to V set up foods and game stalls & showed their managerial skills. Mouthwatering dishes like Pasta, Sandwich, Bhelpuri, etc. were enjoyed by everyone present. The entire event was organised and managed by the students themselves with their teachers only guiding and assisting them in their efforts. Hands-on cooking activities helped children develop pride and confidence in their skills & abilities. The programme aimed at instilling qualities like unity, teamwork, discipline and leadership among the students. It was heartening to watch the little chefs exercise their culinary skills. On this occasion, the School Principal, Mrs. Yashika Bhardwaj, also congratulated the staff and the students for making the day a memorable one. She enlightened that such events bring out the best in every individual, honing their inherent skills. The children had a gratifying experience playing the chef and savoring their delicacies.

Annual Food Court 2015 imges001Annual Food Court 2015 imges002