Greater Noida, July 2014: The parents were taken to a world tour during the annual exhibition held in the School wherein the students exhibited their models and projects presenting varied facts about the countries like China, U.K., Australia, Brazil, Russia and Egypt. The classrooms were also decorated in accordance with the project themes (country specific). Parents also got a chance to meet the famous personalities of the world and appreciated the efforts of the students.

To mention details of a few projects, the students of Class VIII collected the information on NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) and the role played by India in it; Class IX students did research work on SAARC, its origin, member countries, SAFTA Economic Development & trading among the member countries and the students of Class X prepared the project on NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), its member countries and their cooperation in maintaining peace. All projects were well-documented and presented with valuable information.

Apeejay School Annual Exhibition 2014 Img1Apeejay School Annual Exhibition 2014 Img2

Apeejay School Annual Exhibition 2014 Img3