Apeejay International School, Greater Noida celebrated its Founders Day on October 4, 2021, on the virtual platform as a tribute to the Founder Chairman of Apeejay Education, Dr Stya Paul. It was celebrated enthusiastically and even though the mood of the celebration was virtual, nevertheless uncompromising in terms of excellence of quality of the programme. The ceremony was to commemorate the 102nd birth anniversary of Dr Stya Paul sir, who is the inspiration behind the diversified conglomerate of Apeejay Education as well as the Apeejay Stya and Svran Group.

Dr Stya Paul Sir is the pioneering visionary behind Apeejay Education which runs 24 educational institutions across the country and the Apeejay Stya University. He was a distinguished Industrialist, Educationist, Freedom Fighter, and Philanthropist.

The Chief Guest of the day, Shri Sharad Tiwari, Education Officer of Apeejay International School, Greater Noida, blessed the occasion with his valuable presence. The Principal, Dr Sarita Pande lit the ceremonial lamp as a tribute to Dr Stya Paul Ji and the others joined virtually to seek the blessings of our torch-bearer. The floral tribute was given to our chairman sir by the faculty who were physically present in the School. This significant ritual was completed with the tacit prayers in every heart.

Shri Sharad Tiwari had a very important message to share with the students about why and how they should imbibe the values of gratitude, compassion, love, care, and respect in this fast-changing world. He said that no matter what heights they scale in their lives, they should never forget to be thankful to their teachers, who helped them take the initial steps in the thousand-mile journey of life. Apeejay Education and Svran Group are following the path shown by none other than Dr Stya Paul sir.

The Principal, Dr Sarita Pande, quoted - “Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” The mood of the event was set by glimpsing through a splendid message given by our Chairman of the Apeejay Education, Mrs Sushma Paul Berlia, which took the audience on a glorious journey of Dr Stya Paul sir from its inception to achieving its present-day place amongst the pantheons of centres of excellence. The announcement of Dr Stya Paul award for Human Values made it easy for the audience to gauge the lasting impact that the school has left on someone who has stepped beyond its threshold. It was a poignant moment to witness the sight. The proud parents shared their feelings and thanked the Apeejay institution to imbibe the moral values in their students and working hard for them.

It was a time to reflect on the School’s past and those that have helped to shape who we are and to acknowledge the community members, both past and present, who have influenced the character and values that embody the vibrant, engaging, and safe environment we see today. It was an opportunity to laugh, cry, remember, and praise the memories of this wonderful school.

The event was a compilation of performances such as bhajan, ghazal, kathak by the Apeejay students and the teachers as a tribute to our Chairman Sir. The day was celebrated with fervour, zest, and enthusiasm in the school. The event concluded with a rendition of the bhajan Ram Dhun which perfectly captured the essence of the School’s tribute to the Founder's family! The event concluded on a note wherein the efforts of every one were appreciated which was involved in fabulously recreating the Founder’s Day Celebration on the virtual platform.

Greater Noida, Sep 17, 2021: World Food Day is a global action dedicated to tackling the clutches of global hunger. In Apeejay International School, Greater Noida, this day is celebrated on 17th September 2021. Students were told the importance of nutritional and adaptive eating habits so that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Food and nutrition are mandatory for overall physical and mental health. Various videos were shown and talk was given in the special assembly which was organised from classes IX-XII and students actively took part in all the activities. The day was also celebrated in the middle wing and junior wing in the school virtually.

Greater Noida, Sep 16, 2021: The International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer is observed on 16 September every year since 1995. This date has been chosen by the United Nations General Assembly in its resolution to remember the signing of the Montreal Protocol in 1987.

The ozone layer is a natural part of our atmosphere. It acts as a protective sunscreen by blocking the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Certain chemicals such as CFCs, HCFC, and halons can damage the Ozone layer.

A special assembly was conducted by the students of classes XI and XII of Apeejay International School, Greater Noida to awaken the students about the importance of preserving the Ozone layer.

The complete assembly was focused upon the ways and measures to be taken to preserve the depletion of the Ozone layer.

The assembly comprised prayer, followed by news, thought, video, quiz, pledge, and PPT on the same.

The objective of conducting this assembly was to:

  • Make the students aware of Ozone depletion
  • Allow children to practice sustainable ways of living
  • Let children work and contribute to preserving the Ozone layer

The assembly proved to be successful as the students participated quite enthusiastically.

Students actively participated in the activities planned for the day and showcased their artwork. They also shared many facts on the Ozone layer and delivered a speech to mark the significance of the day.

Some more activities conducted:

  • Poster-Making (Classes IV & V)
  • Slogan-Writing (Classes VI & VII)