Students are members of various clubs that are rotated every 3 months so as to give each child an opportunity to identify an area of interest and to pursue the same. Regular club periods have been allocated in the week. Some of the clubs are:


Students were trained in various forms of art and craft

  • Basket by news paper
  • Doll making by shocks
  • Tissue paper flower
  • Paper rose
  • Lantern by chart paper
  • Star by origami paper
  • Owl by chart paper
  • Photo frame by news paper
  • Santa Clause by shuttle cork
  • flowers
  • Colour missing
  • Pencil Shading
  • Sketching
  • Hand puppet
  • The Public Speaking Club catered the students from classes VI to XI.
  • Various activities; written and oral, such as poetry writing and story writing were organized
  • They were given the valuable tips about the poetry recitation, JAM, debate and declamation competitions.
  • They wrote the poem and stories using the given opening lines.
  • Speeches on different topics were also prepared by the club students and they brought laurels to their respective houses.
  • HAND WRITING "Good writing is like a windowpane." - George Orwell With the invasion of technology, the beauty of handwriting has unfortunately been lost in the digital shuffle. But, to make the children the holders of enviable handwriting, the new club has been introduced this year. The club comprises the selected students of classes II to VI. The aim of the club is to help the children improving their handwriting. Calligraphic art of handwriting is also taught to students those who yearn to have an artistic way of handwriting.


    Students made a scrap book on some states and countries. They brought information and pictures related to food, dress, physical features, monuments etc and shared them in club. They also took help from books from the library.

  • States done-Kerala, Rajasthan, Jaipur,
  • Countries done-Japan, Australia, USA, China, Germany
  • Quiz on countries and capitals of Asia and Europe.
  • Students were taught to use grid and find out places, rivers, lakes, countries and cities in the map in a very short time.
  • PPT on countries like Switzerland, Australia, Spain, Wonders of the World, Facts on pyramid.
  • Flags on different countries painting and Identification.
  • Students of classes I to V participate in this club.
  • The students were told about different flowering plants.
  • In the month of October ground was made ready for sowing winter spring flowering plants and the seeds were sowed.
  • Saplings of plants – hollyhock, lasperberg, ice, poppy, were disturbed free among the parents and society under the students community outreach program me in education.
  • Students were taking care of their plants not only in club periods but during their lunch time also.
  • Programming language QBasic
  • Window movie maker
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Computer quiz
  • Flash-Photo editing
  • Song Mixing
  • Students were trained in various dance form as follows:-
  • Folk dance of different states like-Gujarath,Assam, Punjab,Bengal,Maharashtra,Jharkhand,Goa,Nagaland etc.
  • Free style western dance and aerobics.
  • Contemporary and dance ballet.
  • Kathak -Basics steps,boles on taals,different types of Gatbhav;navarasa and hastya mudras.
  • Basic steps of Bharatnatyam.
  • Different types of Vandana(Saraswati vandana,Guru vandana,Ganesh vandana) based on semi classical dance steps and many more.

    Life is a flower and reading books is to smell it.

    The aim of this club is to encourage and motivate children to read more and assist them to become skilful and discriminating users of Library. Students from Std .I to X a total of 48 members are in this club. Besides developing love for reading ,the following activities were also conducted

  • News paper games
  • Fact File Making
  • Skit Presentation
  • Deciphering new words
  • Scrap book Making
  • Narrating of Story

    Taal and its Variation
    Dadra (6 Beats), Kaharwa(8 Beats), Teentaal(16 Beats), Rupak(7 Beats) Solo in Teentaal
    Utthaan, Kaida, Rela, Tehai, Chakradhar
    Drut laya (Very Fast)Teentaal
    Taali Khaali

    Notation Reading and practice various Rock Beats, Different Types of Rolls and its uses Accompaniment

    Notation Reading, Chords Identification, Traditional English Folk, Old Compositions of Legands

    Band :

    1. I want it that way,
    2. Do you know your enemy
    3. The reason
    4. Top of the world


  • Patriotic song
  • Songs on Indian Festival
  • Folk Song
  • Ghazal
  • Bhajan
  • Christmas carol
  • Classical music
  • Light music
  • Powerpoint presentation in different topics using various animation schemes.
  • Work in TuxPaint
  • Work in Libreoffice writer, spreadsheets and Libreoffice CALC using various formatting options
  • Problem solving through QBasic programming
  • Design creative drawings in TuxPaint
  • SPORTS Indoor Games-Table- Tennis, Chess, Carrom, Yoga
    Out-Door Games-
    Kho-Kho, Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, Six –A-Side
    Football, Basketball, Handball, Baseball

    The Club caters the students of classes III to X. The class focuses primarily on developing the very most fundamental skills that students require to effectively learn. The fundamental skills learned are:

    1. Basic coordination
    2. Balance
    3. Hand-eye and foot-eye coordination
    4. Spatial awareness.
    5. Basic pinning falling and throwing techniques are taught in this class.
    6. Heavy emphasis is laid on tournament style techniques and physical preparation for competitions
    7. Girls are also motivated to learn the self defence techniques

    In this club, information about various scientists like Einstein, Newton, etc. Was shared amongst children. Beyond this, students have done following activities with great enthusiasm and interest:

  • Chalk making
  • Preparation of sugar candy
  • Paper Mache products (best out of waste)
  • Preparation of their own fire-extinguisher
  • Chromatography
  • Use of microscope
  • Electricity from Potato and Candles
  • Some separation techniques
  • Magnets and their properties

    The club caters the students of classes III to X. The Class focuses primarily on developing the fundamental skills that students require to effective learn. The fundamental skills learned are

  • Basic co-ordination
  • Balance
  • Hand-Eye and foot-Eye Co-ordination
  • Spatial awareness
  • Basic Pinning falling and throwing techniques are taught in this class
  • Heavy emphasis is laid on tournament style techniques and physical preparation for competitions
  • Girls are also motivated to learn to self-defence techniques

  • The club caters the students of Std I- VIII. Through this club students gain confidence, improve their public speaking skills and learn to express themselves.
  • Students were introduced to different aspects of drama.
  • They learn to work in a team.
  • Students wrote dialogues of the story in their own and enacted it, and also prepared short plays and skits on National Festivals, Fairy tales and stories from Panchatantra, Jataka Tales
  • MATHS The Club caters the students of classes III to X
    Various activities were done by the students with great enthusiasm.
    PEC Games (relay number race),Sudoku,Tambola, Broomstick tables, Tracing Symmetry,
    String symmetry, fun with shapes, jumbled tables ,discussion on famous mathematicians, math’s quiz.
    Students made models and projects on topics like:
    Circles, Sphere, Cylinders, Cube, Cuboid, Cone, Frustum
    HERITAGE OF INDIA In order to inculcate a sense of pride in our culture and heritage, a compulsory club called ‘Heritage of India Club’ was introduced for the students of Std VI onwards. In the club meetings, the students were shown pictures, films. PowerPoint presentations, discussions were held and experiences shared about the natural and man-made wonders of our nation down the centuries. The club meets on Tuesday in the zero periods so as not to hamper the academic schedule.