Greater Noida, February 14, 2024: The Basant Panchami school assembly, orchestrated by Lakshya House, blossomed into a jubilant festivity honoring wisdom, knowledge and the onset of spring. It commenced with the traditional Deep Prajwalan, signifying the enlightenment of minds. Saraswati Vandana filled the air, invoking blessings from the goddess of wisdom. The students presented a poem and joyful dance performance. They also learned the cultural and spiritual significance of the festival. The assembly concluded with a Hawan symbolising purification and blessings for all. As the sacred fire flickered, prayers were offered for success, prosperity and harmony in the school and beyond.

Greater Noida, February 08, 2024: The Class XI students of Apeejay School organised a memorable Farewell for the Class XII students, filled with laughter, nostalgia and heartfelt moments. The evening began with an introduction by the emcees, setting the stage for reminiscence and joyous festivities. The ‘Title Phase’ unfolded, paying tribute to the Class XII students and showcasing their journey, followed by entertaining activities like the Paper Dance, musical performance and a dance competition highlighting coordination and teamwork. The ramp walk, question-answer round and awards ceremony added flair, culminating in the cutting of a farewell cake. The event ended with a vote of thanks.

Greater Noida, January 25, 2024: The School celebrated Republic Day immersed in patriotic fervor. The teachers hoisted the flag and sang the National Anthem to pay tribute to the motherland. The students presented a spectacular show with patriotic songs, dance performances and recitation of poems dedicated to the Nation. The students dressed up in different costumes, depicted the various Indian Cultures.