Greater Noida, July 22, 2022: It was a sweet and juicy morning for the tiny tots of our school when they delightedly entered the school premises to celebrate Mango Day on 22 July 2022.

Children were wearing yellow dresses, brimming with excitement and relished the yummy summer fruit. The day started with a prayer, a short speech by the teacher about the king of fruits, MANGO—followed by some interesting facts about the fruit. Pre-Primary students performed on the rhymes and poems which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Teachers gave information about Mango wherein they understood the reason behind why it is known as the king of fruits. They were enlightened that it was not only because of its flavour and fleshy yellow colour, but also because of the nutrients it provides. They enjoyed the celebration and received a beautiful handmade takeaway, thus making the day memorable for them.

Greater Noida, July 18, 2022: On 18 July 2022, a special assembly was celebrated where the Apeejayites paid homage to the great leader by celebrating “International Nelson Mandela Day”.

In honour of Nelson Mandela Day, the students celebrated the day by learning and attaining knowledge about Nelson Mandela's life, achievements, and most importantly his contributions to a better and peaceful world. Students also participated in activities like poster making and slogan writing.

The event ended with the teacher’s talk which motivated the students to become responsible and emphasised imbibing the values of Nelson Mandela like courage, forgiveness, altruism, patience, and self-confidence.

Greater Noida, April 25, 2022: The students celebrated World Malaria Day on 25 April 2022 to spread awareness of the global effort to control, fight and ultimately eradicate malaria.

The theme of World Malaria Day 2022 was "Harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives.” The little ones watched and thoroughly enjoyed a short story "The Mosquito King". The teacher enlightened the students by giving a short talk and sharing amazing facts about mosquitoes.

The little ones did a craft activity of Mosquito Mask to make learning fun. Keeping the theme of this year in mind, children were briefed about the measures to prevent the spread of Malaria, a dangerous disease.

Greater Noida, April 22, 2022: A special Assembly was conducted to make the students aware about the importance of "World Earth Day" and the theme of 2022 i.e., "INVEST IN OUR PLANET.

Special prayers and thoughts were shared by the students followed by Teacher's talk and pledge. The dance by the tiny tots added a flavour to the assembly. Students watched a short movie on our planet Earth. Various activities were done by the students with great enthusiasm and warmth. Towards the end, everyone took an oath to protect their Mother Earth.

Greater Noida, Feb 11, 2022: The Pre-Primary Wing of Apeejay International School, Greater Noida, paid tribute to the Queen of Melody, Lata Mangeshkar ji also known as the 'Nightingale of India'.

The programme started with a video of Gayatri Mantra in her voice. Students were also shown videos on the life of the late singer. Her notable song 'Aae mere watan ke logo' was also played. Students gave melodious performances on her songs.

The School Principal addressed the gathering.

Lata Mangeshkar Ji was a legend. Her legacy will continue with her songs and contribution to Music.

Greater Noida, Feb 5, 2022: Basant Panchami was celebrated on 5th February 2022 by the Pre-Primary Wing of Apeejay International School.

A Special Assembly was started by Deep Prajwalan and Shlok recitation. Students also watched a video explaining the significance and importance of celebrating Basant Panchami. A teacher also gave a talk on the same. Little ones were dressed in yellow and enjoyed and invoked Goddess Saraswati with shlokas and prayers.

Students participated in Saraswati Vandana and also enthusiastically engaged in writing the auspicious word ‘Shree’ using turmeric.

All of them thoroughly enjoyed the celebration.