The school recently awarded scholarships to toppers from class VI onwards for the academic year 2021-22. The scholarship value is Rs 300 per month for one year, which sums up to Rs 3,600 per annum.

Apeejay Education traditionally awards ‘Merit Scholarship’ to students who top all sections of a particular class in the annual assessment. The scholarship is intended to appreciate and encourage the efforts of students in academics.

The proud recipients of the scholarship were Namta Sehgal and Harnimrat Kaur from class VI, Veer Zorawar Singh for his performance in class VII, Tejas Pal for class VIII, Misham Bhardwaz for class IX, Sumit Singh Johal for class XI (Commerce) and Disha Aggarwal for XI (Science).

Tejas Pal, now in class X, said, “It is an honour and privilege to be recognised for one’s efforts in front of the whole school. As the only recipient from my class, this scholarship has motivated me to keep working hard and win the cash prize once again the next time.”

Added class VIII student Namta, “I feel honoured and motivated to give my best this academic year as well. For this, I am taking the help of reference books, practising more questions, and revising each chapter.”

Talking about her parents’ reaction, she said, “They are extremely proud. As hardworking people themselves, my mother and father have always motivated me to push myself. I learn from them every day.”

AK Sharma, principal, Apeejay School, Rama Mandi, congratulated all the achievers and wished them good luck for their future endeavours. He wished them many more such academic achievements and encouraged other students in the school to work towards winning the scholarship. He also extended his best wishes to the proud parents of the recipients of the cash prize.