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The School premise is designed keeping in mind the pace and comfort of the students. Well-designed, fully air-conditioned rooms with smart boards in each class help students learn in a better way. The furniture design enables students to sit comfortably and work conveniently. The School comprises various activity-based rooms that help in bringing out the holistic development of students right from the budding level.

Apeejay Hoshiarpur InfrastructureApeejay Hoshiarpur Infrastructure 2Apeejay Hoshiarpur Infrastructure 3

The School has well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with the latest equipment for experiments up to 10+2 level which provide opportunities to students to learn by doing practical.

The Social Studies Lab is a glimpse into the happenings of history in a compact form. The Lab comprises Maps of the World, including various countries, states, atlas, and the Globe. The Mathematics Lab provides the students an opportunity to know the world of Mathematics in the form of various mathematical devices, models, charts, and literature, pertaining to the conception and growth of the subject.

The Computer Lab, well-equipped with the latest computers and LCD projector, is continuous exposure to the students to electronic media. Being the need of the hour and the flourishing Computer Era, knowledge of Computers to students helps in widening their mental horizons right from Class Nursery.

Physics Lab in Apeejay SchoolChemistry Lab in Apeejay SchoolBiology Lab in Apeejay School

 Social Studies Lab in Apeejay SchoolMathematics Lab in ApeejayComputer Lab in Apeejay School

The School Library has adequate reading material for children of various age groups which includes text and reference books, fiction and storybooks, Children's Encyclopedia, newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. To inculcate healthy reading habits among the students, the School has subscribed to the Tribune-in-Education (TIE) Programme for schools.

Library in ApeejayLibrary 2 in Apeejay

The Conference Room is where the conferences are held. It is where the Principal and the staff members discuss important points of the meetings. It is used in various ways like getting to know each other, improvement sessions, conducting workshops or seminars, etc.

The School has smart classrooms. Every classroom is well-equipped with Smart Boards which help the teacher to teach using the latest technology.

The School assembly is held in the spacious auditorium with a proper stage, green rooms, and a capacity to seat around 200 guests. The air-conditioned and centrally-heated Auditorium serves as a podium for the students to showcase their talent during various functions organised in the School.

Apeejay AuditoriumApeejay Auditorium 2

The School has a small splash pool and a sandpit for the tiny tots wherein students enjoy time together splashing and playing.

Splash ToolSplash Tool 2

The extensive playgrounds for Cricket, Football, Basketball, and Badminton help in channelizing the energies of students towards keeping themselves fit and healthy. The development of the physical strength of the students along with the overall growth is brought out by the value-laden sports and games programs. Students develop qualities like leadership, healthy sportsmanship, and loyal teamwork. The Annual Sports Meet is a step towards encouraging the students to avidly participate in various events and display their aptitude for Sports. The Best House is awarded a Sports Shield. The School also actively participates in various Inter-School and Inter-Athletic Meets and Tournaments.

Apeejay PlaygroundsApeejay Playgrounds 2Apeejay Playgrounds 3

Apeejay Playgrounds 4Apeejay Playgrounds 5

The Sports Room for the students provides various sports equipments which include bats, balls pertaining to all games, shuttle cocks & stumps, Ludo, Chess, Carom and a Table Tennis Table. The room tickles the interest of the students for Indoor Sports.

Sports Room in ApeejaySports Room 2Sports Room 3

The School has its fleet of buses for transportation which includes all the major routes of nearby villages in and around the Jalandhar Cantonment and City. The students also avail bus services for various tours, hikes, and excursions.

Transport Facility in Apeejay

The Art Arcade room is well designed to help the children to practice their hands on the Art and Craft. The lab is designed focusing on the interest of the child right from Lower age to 10+2 level. The Art Room is a medium for the students to picture their world with a variety of vibrant colours. The students learn and imbibe a taste for aesthetics in various art & craft activities.

Apeejay Art RoomApeejay Art Room 2Apeejay Art Room 3

The Music Room ambiance provides a melodious chance to the budding singers and musicians to learn the know-how and technicalities involved in becoming adept at the seven notes of music. Students play various instruments filling the room with euphony, transforming it into a utopia.

Apeejay Music RoomApeejay Music Room 2Apeejay Music Room 3

The Toy Room for the tiny tots helps them to enjoy studies by the play-way method and inculcates an interest to come to school daily and happily.

Toy Room in Apeejay HoshiarpurToy Room 2 in Apeejay

The School has an infirmary where a child can be given First Aid in need of emergency. To inculcate habits of good health, one needs to ensure that there is an environment that pays attention to health every day. A dedicated infirmary ensures that.