Day Schedule:

The school starts daily with the Morning Prayer attended by all the students and staff members. It consists of School Song, Bhajan, Quiz, Talks on various topics, Teacher's Talk, National Anthem, etc. Every Wednesday, one period is allotted to Hobby classes and on Thursdays, one period is kept for House-Meetings. During the week, one hour is devoted to various activities like Gift Wrapping, Salad Making, Recitations, and many more.

Teaching Learning Strategies

The path to literacy begins when the child discovers that learning is exciting and interesting. In Apeejay School, Rama Mandi, the teachers use a very simple approach. They act as a guide and a friend. Activity-based teaching dominates the teaching-learning process over the traditional chalk and talk method. The school helps the children to develop thinking ability and the power of imagination to enquire "Why" & "How" of things around them.

Value-Based Education

The goal of education is not merely to train the students for earning their livelihood, but to prepare them for life itself. So, our mission is to create a value-based curriculum where we can help our students develop their overall personalities. Children are made aware that learning is not only for examination, but is a life-long phenomenon. The Principal acts as a counsellor to help and advise the teachers and parents when they face difficulties with the children. The teacher's personality completely impinges on the personality of the child. So, his/her role does not end anywhere. Exemplary behaviour of the teachers helps to instill desirable habits and paradigms in the minds of students for good behaviour.

Evaluation and Assessment

The children are assessed and evaluated based on their performance in classrooms and co-curricular activities throughout the year. The pre-primary section does not have formal examinations. Their respective teachers grade them according to their classroom and outdoor performance. The primary section writes exams but these are not the only criteria for evaluation and assessment. They are awarded grades and marks according to their performance in all the activities.