Jalandhar, August 29, 2023: Apeejay School, Tanda Road, Jalandhar's Class IV students celebrated National Sports Day vibrantly. Embodying famous players like Sachin Tendulkar, Abhinav Bindra, P.V. Sindhu, Dhyan Chand, and Guru Dronacharya Ji, they showcased their sporting spirit. The teacher enlightened them about sports awards and emphasised the significance of sports. The event instilled admiration for sports icons and promoted the value of sportsmanship among the young learners.

Jalandhar, August 29, 2023: The School hosted a Rakhi Making Competition for Classes I to IV, commemorating Raksha Bandhan. Students crafted exquisite rakhis using diverse materials, showcasing remarkable innovation and creativity. The rakhis symbolised their profound love and care, capturing the essence of the festive occasion splendidly.

Jalandhar, August 28, 2023: A momentous event took place at the school celebrated the successful launching of Chandrayaan 3, India's lunar exploration mission. The school organised a special assembly to mark this significant achievement in space exploration and to educate the students about the history, objectives and importance of Chandrayaan missions. The assembly began with a brief overview of the history of Chandrayaan missions, highlighting their role in advancing India's space exploration endeavors. The students were introduced to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), the driving force behind these missions and its contributions to space technology and research.

Jalandhar, August 24, 2023: An Inter-House Science Quiz Competition, showcasing the intellectual prowess of students from various houses. The event aimed to encourage scientific curiosity and knowledge-sharing among students. Four participants from each house - Aravali, Nilgiri, Shivalik, and Vindhya - engaged in a battle of wits and science. The participants demonstrated their mastery of scientific concepts through a series of challenging questions.

Jalandhar, August 22, 2023: Tear and Paste competition was a creative and colourful event where students from Nursery, LKG, and UKG classes showcased their artistic skills. The young participants enthusiastically tore and pasted coloured paper to create imaginative and vibrant artwork. The event not only fostered creativity but also encouraged fine motor skills development among the students.

Jalandhar, August 22, 2023: The School buzzed with joy and enthusiasm as it celebrated the traditional Teej festival. The event, exclusively organised for mothers of students from Nursery to Class II, was a colourful blend of cultural traditions, fun-filled activities and heart-warming moments. The celebration saw the school premises adorned with vibrant decorations, setting the perfect backdrop for the festivities. Exceptional performances were duly recognised as prizes were distributed to the best performers. Food stalls offering a variety of delectable treats, a mehandi stall for intricate henna designs and a bangle stall for accessorizing added flavour and flair to the celebration.

Jalandhar, August 19, 2023: The Inter-Class Martial Arts Competition held for students from Classes I to IV was a resounding success. The event showcased the dedication, discipline, and talent of the young participants who displayed their martial arts skills with great enthusiasm. The competition saw remarkable performances across all categories, but the following students emerged as the victors in their respective classes:

Girls - Classes I & II:

  • 1st Place: Shivanya Dubey
  • 2nd Place: Kiranjit Kaur
  • 3rd Place: Samriddhi Sharma

Boys - Classes I & II:

  • 1st Place: Pranavjot Singh
  • 2nd Place: Hayan Jerath
  • 3rd Place: Madhyam Kaushal

Girls - Classes III & IV:

  • 1st Place: Dhanvi Sharma
  • 2nd Place: Hargursimranjit Kaur
  • 3rd Place: Hridya

Boys - Classes 3 & 4:

  • 1st Place: Onish Kapur
  • 2nd Place: Harkunwar Singh Dhuper
  • 3rd Place: Dhritil Gupta