I.H Inter House Competition
I.C Intra Class Competition
Int.C Inter Class competition
P.T.M Parent Teacher meet
Working Saturday: 1st,3rd, and 5th Saturday(if any)
2nd and 4th Saturdays will be holidays for students

Every 4th Saturday: Workshop/Seminar/Teacher’s Orientation programme/P.T.M.

*All the important days are celebrated in the school


April 2018 May 2018 June 2018 August 2018
7th – World Health Day 1st - International
Labour day
5th - World environmental Day 6th -Hiroshima Day
13th - JallianwalaBagh
Masscare Day
7th - Worlds AIDS Orphans Day 21st - International Yoga Day 15th – India’s Independence Day
14th - B.R. Ambedkar
8th – Red Cross Day   29th - National Sports Day of India
18th - World Heritage
5th – International Family Day    
22nd - World Earth day 31st - World No Tobacco Day    
23rd - World Book Day      
September 2018 October 2018 November 2018 December 2018
5th- Teacher’s Day 2nd– Gandhi Jayanti/ LalBahadurShastriJayanti 7th- Diwali 1st- World AIDS Day
7th- forgiveness Day 4th- World Animal Day 14th -Children’s Day 4th- Navy Day
8th – International Literacy Day 8th- Indian Airforce day Guru Nanak Dev’s birth Anniversary 7th- Armed Forces Flag Day
14th – Hindi Day 9th- World Postal Day   10th- Human Rights Day
16th- World Ozone Day 11th- International Girl Child Day   14th – National Energy Conservation Day
  19thDussehra   25th Christmas
  24th – United Nations Day    
  30th- World Thrift Day/ VallabhBhai Birth Anniversary    
January 2019 February 2019 March 2019
12th - National Youth Day 13th - Sarojini Naidu’s Birth Anniversary 8th – International Women’s Day
13th Lohri 28th - National Science Day 15th - World Consumer day
23rd - NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose’sBirthday   22nd - World Forestry Day
26th - Republic Day    
30th - Mahatma Gandhi’s Martrydom Day    


May I Unit Class XII Periodic 1: IV-X
July I Unit Class XI Periodic 2: IV-X
II Unit Class XII
September I Term Classes I-XII  
November II Unit Class XI Periodic 3: IV-X
III Unit Class XII
January III Unit Class XI Periodic 4: IV-X
Pre- Board Exam Class X,XII
March II Term Class I- XII  


1 Paper Tearing Competition(LKG - UKG) May
2 Hindi / English Calligraphy Competition (LKG - UKG) July
3 My role Model Fancy Dress Competition(Nur - UKG) August
4 Hindi Poetry Recitation(Nur - UKG) September
5 Talent Hunt Competition (Nur - UKG) October
6 Skating Competition(LKG - UKG)
Colour My World Competition(Nur)
7 English Story Recitation Competition(Nur - UKG) January
8 Athletic Meet, master and Miss Little Angel February

Primary Wing(I-V)

Literary Fine Arts/Home Sci. Music/ Dance/Dramatics Sports
May 2018:-
  • English Poetical Recitation (I-V)
  • English Calligraphy (I – III)
April 2018:-
  • Nutritious tiffin Competition (I-II)
  • Slogan Writing Competition on Earth Day (III-V)
August 2018:-
  • Dancing Competition (I-V)
  • Music Instrumental Competition (I-V)
October 2018:-
  • Skating Competition (I-V)
August 2018:-
  • English Story Telling competition (I-III)
  • English Declamation Competition
May 2018:-
  • Best Out of Waste Competition  (I-V)
November 2018:-
  • Gymnastics Competition (I-V)
September 2018:-
  • Hindi Poetry Competition (I-II)
  • Hindi Story Telling competition (III-V)
  February 2019
  • Athletic Meet (I-V)
January 2019:-
  • Punjabi Story Telling competition (III-V)
  • Punjabi Poetical Recitation (I-II)
October 2018:-
  • Theme Based Class Competition (I-V)

Senior Wing(VI-XII)

Literary Fine Arts/Home Sci. Music / Dance/Dramatics Sports
Augut 2018:
  • I.C Maths Quiz Competition

(Sharp Memory Contest) (VI- VIII)

April 2018:-
  • I.C Paper Bag Making Competition (VI-VII)
  • I.C News Cartoon Making Competition (VIII-X)
  February 2019:
  • I.C Athletic Meet
  November 2018:
  • I.C Collage Making Competition (VI-X)
August 2018:
  • I.C. Apeejay Best Dramebaaz Competition  (VI- X)
November 2018:
  • I.C Maths Project Competition (IX-XII)

Inter House Competitions

Literary Fine Arts/Home Sci. Music / Dance/Dramatics Sports
May 2018:-
  • I.H English Declamation Competition (VI-XII)
    April 2018:-
  • I.H Basketball Competition for Girls(VI-XII)
  • I.H. Football Competition for Boys (VI-X)
July 2018:-
  • I.H Science Model Making Competition (VI-XII)
November 2018:-
  • I.H Face Painting Competition (IX-XII)
May 2018
  • I.H Folk Group Song Competition (VI-VIII)
January 2019:-
  • I.H. Carrom Competition Boys & Girls (VI-XII)
October 2018:-
  • I.H. Rangoli Competition (VIII-XII)
  • I.H English Skit Competition (IX-XII)
August 2018:-
  • I.H Power Point Presentation Competition


November 2018:-
  • I.H English Extempore Competition (IX-XII)