The Senior school has on its premises, two cemented basket-ball courts, a field where football, hockey and cricket is played.

The Primary school has infrastructural facilities for badminton, table tennis, soccer, cricket, throw ball, volley ball, etc.

A number of participative counselling and Orientation Sessions were organized by the school.



Resource Person(s)


Peer Trainers Orientation Course on life skills education for school going adolescents
Attended by 5 of our Std XII students
It laid stress on the development of life skills.
• Decision Making.
• Creative Solving
• Critical Thinking
• Effective Communication
• Interpersonal Relationship Skills
• Self-Awareness 
• Empathy
• Coping with Emotions and Stress

Conducted by Nurture and Vimhans


Orientation Session for Parents of students Nursery. 

Mrs. Meenakshi Thakkar and Mrs. Mehta


Orientation Session for Parents of Std. X

Mrs. Usha Albuquerque and Mrs. Asha Nayyar