The Senior school, is housed in its own three-storeyed building on a sprawling green 9 acre campus. It has a well-designed spacious auditorium, a swimming pool, two cemented basket ball courts, a field where football, hockey and cricket can be played and a skating rink.

The Primary school has a two storeyed building containing 40 rooms for 20 sections so that each child gets an opportunity to interact with the teachers and participate in a large number of curricular activities and hobbies.

Both the Senior and the Primary school have a Fine Arts and Dance room each to nurture creativity and talent.

Apeejay Faridabad Library

The school library has a very good collection of books in different subjects and for general reading. Housed above the administrative department, the senior school library is very spacious providing an optimum studying environment for the students. The Primary wing also has a well-stocked library providing pleasurable reading to the young tiny tots. More than 18, 000 books are stocked and 40 magazines are subscribed by the school.

  • Apeejay Faridabad Infrastructure Computers
  • Computer Education is an integral part of the School Curriculum.
  • Five computer labs, one each for the Pre-Primary, Middle and Senior students and two for Primary school students.
  • Fully equipped labs with latest machines and equipments to meet the additional requirements of the senior secondary students.
  • Two LCD Projector rooms each fitted with a Multimedia Projector to de monstrate the multimedia content
  • A 24-hour DSL(Internet) connection. 
  • Campus networking spread out through Senior school and Primary school campuses. 
  • All the classrooms, the labs and the different departments are interconnected (with a computer in every classroom)
  • An R/F link to connect the Senior school and Primary school campuses installed to connect both the wings.
  • Televisions have been installed in classes V - X for the Digital Aided Teaching Learning to further enforce the teaching-learning strategies