Faridabad, Sep. 1, 2015: Sanskrit Week was celebrated from 26th Aug. 2015 to 1st Sept. 2015 wherein a special assembly was also held on 31st August. The objective of celebrating the Sanskrit Week was to provide opportunities to students to share knowledge of Sanskrit and increase awareness about the close relationship of Sanskrit with other languages & the rich cultural heritage of India.

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Faridabad, June 6, 2015: The fifth punya tithi of Dr. Stya Paul, Founder Chairman, Apeejay Education Society, was observed in the School. The staff paid homage to their deeply revered mentor through his favourite bhajans in the prayer meeting organised in his remembrance.

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Gurgaon, May 2015: Information and Communications Technology Day was organised by Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd. at SEZ Gurgaon wherein twenty girls of Class X attended the program along with two teachers. The agenda of the programme was to motivate the girls to opt for IT as their career choice.

It was a great learning experience for the young girls as they learnt about the global technological innovations and how technology is being increasingly used in our everyday life, e.g. controlling home appliances remotely through a mobile, GPS applications, etc. It was a good experience for the teachers as well.

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