Faridabad, Oct. 5, 2017: The Green Diwali Campaign was organised in the School from Oct. 5 - Oct. 10, wherein students presented nukkad natak and placards to convey the message of ‘Pollution Free Diwali’.

Stalls of diyas and candles sent by Cheshire Home were a major source of attraction for the students & parents community. 

The Installation Ceremony of the new team of office bearers of the Interact Club was held at Apeejay School, Faridabad on 31st July 2017. The Chief Guest, Rtn. Dr. Umesh Gupta, President, Rotary Club of Delhi Midtown and Rtn. Dr. Neha Berlia, Chair, Rotract and Interact lent grace to the occasion with their presence alongwith other eminent guests, Rtn. Dr. Dietrich Kebschull, Co-Chair Rotract, Rtn. Sudhanshu Pachisia, Director, Rtn. Mohit Anand, District Director Meets, Mr. Ashok Bharti, Mrs. Kalpana Gupta, Mr. N. N. Nayyar, Education Officer and Dr. Mithilesh Singh from Apeejay Education

Principal, Mr. Hari Om extended a formal welcome to the guests and in his speech reaffirmed the need to groom students, through the platform of the Interact Club, to be refined individuals, preparing towards a better understanding and participation in the issues of the day. He further reiterated the emphasis on humanistic dimensions of education, which help one to discover one’s self through an inner journey, the milestones of which are knowledge, introspection and humility. He also expressed gratitude to President Madam, Mrs. Sushma Paul Berlia for her constant support to the various school programmes.

Dr. Neha Berlia, Chair, Rotract and Interact in her address, inspired the students to look beyond the self and involve themselves in constructive pursuits as they learn to make a difference with their individual efforts.

While Mrigya Ahuja, the outgoing President and Nikhil Varandani, Vice President, Interact Club made a PowerPoint presentation on the work done by the Interactors during the session 2016-17, Mitali Ohja, the incoming President outlined the various projects her team would be working upon during the session 2017-18.

A group song by the school choir, a powerful musical performance based on the life of Lord Krishna and  a thought provoking poem presented on the occasion were much appreciated by the audience.

Rtn. Dr. Umesh Gupta in his speech advised the students to practise in each and every walk of their life, the four way test – “Is it the truth?, Is it fair to all?, Will it bring goodwill and better friendship? and Will it be beneficial to all concerned?” and to make Fellowship and Service,  the two pillars on which Rotary stands, a part of their lives.

The Club In-charge Mrs. Narang, in her Vote of Thanks expressed her gratitude towards the Guests for motivating them with their personal examples. 

Faridabad, May 6, 2017: Students of the NCC and the Interact Club of Apeejay School, Faridabad recently participated in a rally on 'Anti-Acid Attacks' organised by the Red Cross Society and Deputy Commissioner, Faridabad at the Gymkhana Club. In an endeavour to serve the society, the students of the Interact Club of the School regularly organise and participate in various similar events throughout the year.

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