Faridabad, August 09, 2023 Apeejay School, Faridabad hosted an enthralling Inter-House Solo Dance Competition for the senior students. The event showcased a remarkable display of talent, creativity and artistry. Participants from different houses displayed their mastery in various dance forms, captivating the audience with their graceful moves and electrifying performances. The result of the competition was:

Classical category

  • First position was shared between Jasneek Kaur - Class X (Vivekanand House) and Deeksha Arora - Class IX (Gautam House)
  • Second position was also shared by Rida Jangra - Class XII (Vivekanand House) and Sayesha Khanna - Class X (Gautam House)
  • Third position was bagged by Niyamat Khanna - Class IX (Gautam House)

Light category

  • First position was clinched by Shashwat Mathur - Class XI (Gautam House)
  • Second position was bagged by Nandini Sharma - Class X (Nanak House)
  • Third position was bagged by Aanya Bradoo - Class X (Gautam House)
  • Layna Sehgal - Class IX (Vivekanand House) received the Consolation prize

Faridabad, July 31, 2023: Inter-House Vocal and Instrumental Music Competition for senior students took place on 4 August 2023 at Apeejay School, Faridabad. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from four competing houses, showcasing their musical talents. The result of the competition was as follows:

Position Secured Student Name Class House Name
First position Manasvi Chutani Class XII Gautam House
First position Anantha Sood Class XI Vivekanand House
Second Position Nandini Sharma Class X Nanak House
Third Position Ragini Iyer Class X Kabir House
Position Secured Student Name Class House Name
First position Shourya Gupta Class XI Gautam House
First position Niyamat Khanna Class XI Gautam House
Second Position Jasneek Kaur Class X Vivekananda House
Third Position Layna Sehgal Class XI Vivekananda House

Faridabad, July 31, 2023: The School recently organised an Inter-House Display Board Making Competition on the Topic "Chandrayaan: India's Journey to the Moon's Mysteries." The results are as follows:

Position Secured House Name
First Gautam House
Second Nanak House
Second Vivekanand House
Third Kabir House