Faridabad, Sep. 22, 2017: To celebrate the victory of good over evil, children presented a lively dance as they feasted with sweets and listened to the story behind the celebration of Dussehra. Children also carried home a stick puppet of the Ravana.

Faridabad, Sep. 18, 2017: Yellow Day was celebrated to culminate the learning of the colour 'yellow' wherein children came dressed in yellow colour clothes. The class was decorated with yellow balloons and various yellow colour things like banana, round melon, lemon, sunflower, sun canary and mango. Children also enjoyed yellow colour food items in their tiffins.

Faridabad, Sep. 6, 2017: Children celebrated Toy Day and undertook a ‘Means of Transport’ project wherein they categorized different means of transport i.e. land, air, water and rail. They spoke about it with their friends and learnt the names of various means of transport, where they are used, etc.