Faridabad: May 5, 2017: Inter & intra-class races were held in the School’s Primary Wing wherein students participated with full zeal and enthusiasm.

                      Racing Competitions in Primary WingRacing Competitions in Primary Wing 2


Results of Intra-Class Racing Competition:





Aaryan Bareja
Adhyan Mehta
Kaustubh tiwari

Aarika Pant
Tanishka Taxali
Anaya Khanna


Divit Madan
Lakshay Gupta
Kunsh Gautam

Sangya Verma
Sanvi Mangal
Priya Sachdeva


Kanishq Rampal
Ranveer Pathania
Sambhav Suman

Vani Mishra
Aayat Kapoor
Dakshita Chaudhary


Vaanya Malhotra
Radha Sarawat
Jeeval Ahuja

Dev Dhall
Viren Bhateja
Satvik Bansal


Results of Inter-Class Racing Competition:



I C - Kanishq Rampal
I A - Adhyan Mehta
I A - Aaryan Bareja

I C - Vani Mishra
I A - Aarika Pant
I D - Vaanya Malhotra

                      Racing Competitions in Primary Wing 3Racing Competitions in Primary Wing 4

Faridabad, May 2, 2017: A special assembly themed ‘saRjana’ – An Ode to the Omnipotent was conducted by the students of Class I wherein they all participated in marking their first steps in the Primary Wing campus.

The assembly included various items wherein children showcased their talents. The major highlights included an English play through which the students threw light on the power of the Omnipotent and how he raises us above all odds in life. Children appreciated the wonderful creations of god through an action song and a foot tapping dance number. The address by the School Principal was followed by the grand finale.

The participants presented their poetic verses on a variety of subjects that included life, mother, childhood, nature, et al. The student’s level of confidence expression, pronunciation and the content of the poem were taken into consideration for judging the winners.

The proud winners of the Competition were:

  • 1st Position - Shiv Prasad Khanna (Gautam House)
  • 2nd Position - Shambhavi Tiwari (Nanak House)
  • 2nd Position - Swinzal (Vivekanad House)
  • 3rd Position - Nandini Sharma (Nanak House)

Certificates of Appreciation were handed over to:

  • Saesha Khanna (Gautam House)
  • Tanishka Gupta (Vivekanand House)
  • Rijak Kaur (Vivekanand House)