Faridabad, July 29, 2017: The budding singers of Class III participated in the Solo Singing Competition wherein songs varied from devotional, inspirational and folk. The result of the Competition is as follows:

1st – Saksham Sharma, III D

2nd – Deeksha Arora, III A

3rd – Suhana Jha, III C


Niyamat Khanna – III B

Kenisha Newar – III B

Anika Amit Kamat – III B

Faridabad, July 10, 2017 : Students of classes I & II participated in the Inter-Class Hindi Story Telling Competition wherein they had put in lot of efforts in preparing the same. The result of the Competition is as follows:

Class I

  • 1st Position: Ritvik Madan - Class I A
  • 2nd Position: Saisha - Class I B
  • 3rd Position: Amogh - Class I B
  • 3rd Position: Kaustubh Tiwari - Class I A

Appreciation Prize :

  • Samarth - Class I C
  • Aanya - Class I B
  • Vihaan Arora - Class I D

Class II

  • 1st Position: Preksha Bansal - Class II C
  • 2nd Position: Arshi Chopra - Class II A

  • Hunar Khatter - Class II C
  • 3rd Position: Pragya Grover - Class II C

Appreciation Prize :

  • Shanaya Kalra - Class II B
  • Jaanya Bajaj - Class II D

Faridabad, May 9, 2017: Students of Class I enthusiastically participated in an Inter-Class English Recitation Competition. The efforts of all the participants were applauded. The results of the Competition are as given below:

  • 1st Position: Hunar Juneja - Class I B
  • 2nd Position: Priya Sachdeva - Class I B
  • 3rd Position: Daksh Rai - Class I A
  • 3rd Position: Kunsh Gautam - Class I B


  • Mahima Baweja - Class I D
  • Atvika - Class I C
  • Divit - Class I B
  • Tanishka - Class I C