Faridabad, Aug. 30, 2017: Inter-Class Hindi Extempore Competition was held for the students of Class II wherein enthusiastic participants expressed themselves freely on the assigned topics, letting their imagery flow. It was a good learning experience for the participants & the audience.

The results are mentioned as below:

1st Position - Anika Amit Kamat
2nd Position - Ved Agarwal
3rd Position - Agrima Shori
3rd Position - Aman Budhiraja


Paavni Puri and Dhriti Sharma

Faridabad, Aug. 5, 2017: An Inter-Class Hindi Extempore Competition for Class II was held in the Primary Wing of the School. Students were well-prepared and excited about the topic they will get to speak upon.

The result was as follows:

1st – Divbani Kaur, II A
2nd – Prisha Ahuja, II A
3rd – Ritivika Sharma, II A
3rd – Pooran Chandna, II C


Dhairya Jain – II A
Shivika Kaushik – II B

Faridabad, July 31, 2017: An Inter-Class Hindi Story Telling Competition was organised in the School wherein four participants from each section presented moral-based stories which captured everyone’s attention.

The result is as follows:

1st – Punya Garg, III A

2nd – Nimisha Soni, III A

Kenisha Newar, III B

3rd – Mohd. Saad Alam, III B


Navya Sharma – III C

Aditya Swaroop Asthana – III D