An educative workshop to create awareness on ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’ was recently conducted by Apeejay School, Primary Wing, Faridabad.

The aim of the workshop was to raise awareness among the children by clearly explaining Personal Body Safety rules and Good and Bad touch. Students were encouraged to be conscious, aware, and assertive, as well as to cultivate the ability to understand, recognise, resist and immediately report any kind of abuse.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Apeejay School (Primary Wing), Faridabad, celebrated Literary Week to ignite and propel the young minds towards the world of reading, vocabulary building, creative writing, role play, and expression. The students of classes I to V were fruitfully engaged in a plethora of activities like -spell bee, book review, picture transcription, creative writing, and bookmark making, etc.

The week showcased a myriad of activities and students actively participated to show their creative side. The aim was to infuse the students with appreciation, understanding, love, and usage of not only the English language but in Hindi too.

The students of the Primary Wing of Apeejay School, Faridabad, showcased their unabated talents, taking cue from the online classes. 'Art with a Purpose' is what they believe in and when art is integrated with learning it becomes more efficacious and enjoyable.