Faridabad, October 19, 2022 : Apeejay School, Primary Wing, Faridabad organised an Educational excursion to Oh! Max Wonderland, Greater Noida. Such excursions are an important aspect of the curriculum as they allow experiential learning, promote engagement levels, build confidence, encourage teamwork and create connections.

Students enjoyed the Sea Ball Pool, Adventure Island, The Treasure of Tut and the Mirror Maze. They also learnt about the Amazon Forests and the Unsinkable Ship Titanic. The Chocolate Factory was a favourite among the students who learnt the process of chocolate making. The students returned happily and brimming with excitement.

Sep. 5, 2022: Students of our school celebrated Teachers' Day with great enthusiasm and gaiety. Paying respect to the great Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, a Special Assembly was conducted where students showcase their dance performance, recited poems along with a talk show and doha recitation.

Headmistress, Mrs Ritu Kanwar, reiterated the importance of the day and enlightened the children about the ancient Indian system of education where the teachers were called gurus and were revered as parental figures.

Faridabad, August 29, 2022 : Apeejay School, Primary Wing, Faridabad, conducted a Solo Dance Competition for Classes I and II and Inter-House Folk Dance Competition for Classes III, IV and V. The students gave their best performance and filled our hearts with patriotic fervour.

Intra Section

Class I
  • First Position- Adeera Amatya
  • Second Position- Advika Verma
  • Third Position- Akshara Mehta
Class II
  • First Position- Madhav Bansal
  • Second Position- Aryaman Gupta
  • Third Position- Amyra

Inter House

First Position
  • Sayesha Malhotra (Nanak House)
Second Position
  • Verma (Vivekanand House)
  • Ishita Singh (Nanak House)
Third Position
  • Kavya Bisht, Saanvi Mehta (Kabir House)