Faridabad, January 31, 2024: The In-School Day Adventure Camp at Apeejay School, Primary Wing, Faridabad was an exhilarating experience for the students. Various thrilling activities like Zip-lining, Body Zorb, Burma Bridge and the Commando Net fostered excitement and camaraderie. The camp promoted experiential learning, teamwork and collaboration, providing valuable life skills in a dynamic environment. Challenges like the zip-line and commando net built physical prowess and encouraged problem-solving. This adventure-based learning not only added fun but significantly contributed to the holistic development of the children, making it a memorable and enriching experience.

Faridabad, December 02, 2023: Apeejay School, Primary Wing, Faridabad conducted a workshop on 'Growing Up Gracefully’ with an objective to guide young minds about the importance of self-awareness, empathy, resilience and healthy relationships.
The workshop commenced with an interactive session, fostering a welcoming environment to engage the students.
The facilitator, Mrs. Archana Khanna, introduced the concept of self-awareness and control, thereby encouraging students to understand their emotions and recognize the feelings of others. The workshop delved into the importance of resilience in facing life's challenges.
The value of empathy in maintaining harmonious interactions with peers, family and the community was emphasised. Empowering students with self-confidence to conduct themselves with grace was the focal point of this session.The workshop concluded with a recap session, allowing students to reflect on their learning and on the insights gained, providing a nurturing space to navigate the complexities of growing up and fostering skills essential for their personal and social development.

Faridabad, November 25, 2023 Apeejay School, Primary Wing, Faridabad hosted 'X'pressions,' - Annual Inter School Competition, showcasing the talents of diverse participants from all across Faridabad and NCR. The event featured a range of activities like fancy dress, elocution, clay modelling, music, debate, dance and sports. Participants displayed remarkable zeal, dedication and teamwork, creating a vibrant atmosphere, filled with cheer and applause.‘X'pressions' provided a platform for self-expression, celebrating diversity and fostering learning among the participants, thus creating lasting memories.