Faridabad, April 20, 2018: The Pre-Primary Wing of the School celebrated Earth Day to show support and educate students about environmental protection. The aim was to encourage students to do things that will benefit the Earth. Students were involved in various activities like visiting the School garden where they all had a great time observing various seasonal flowers and plants. Students were astonished to see so many varieties of plants and learn that each plant has different colour, leaves, texture, size, etc. They also learnt how a sapling grows into a plant or a tree. Students understood that there is so much given to us by Mother Earth and we must conserve it. Students were happy to learn watering the plants, save water while using it, save electricity by switching off fans & lights before moving out, leave their finger and hand prints on the Earth’s cut-out and cleaning of the surroundings & gardens. Students thoroughly enjoyed different activities and had a wonderful experience.

Poster and folder with the message – ‘Together we can make every day Earth Day and each one of us can make a difference’ was given to the students.

Faridabad, April 3, 2018: The Pre-Primary Department of the School conducted a Live Classroom Demonstration for the children of Class Nursery and their parents. The Demonstration focused on a plethora of activities wherein children were exposed to Music & Movement, Short Tennis & Physical Fitness, Tactile & Sensory Play, Story Narration, Robotics and ICT (Information & Communication Technology). These planned activities have been designed to develop the students’ potential and widen their horizons, providing them with opportunities that help to develop their imagination, confidence and social interactive skills, thereby nurturing cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.

Faridabad, March 2018: Apeejay School, Faridabad organised a session for parents of students admitted to the school from classes Nursery to IX for the session 2018-2019. Dr. V.S. Garg, Educational Advisor, Apeejay Education Society and Dr. Jayanti Dutta, an eminent Clinical Psychologist (retired from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University), as the resource persons, gave their valuable inputs to the parents.

School Principal, Mr. Hari Om, in his welcome address highlighted the essential facets of the School curriculum and the various School programmes undertaken to nurture cognitive, affective and psycho motor domains of learning.

Dr. V.S. Garg, in his presentation, shared with the audience the glorious heritage of the Apeejay Education Society. Dr. Garg highlighted the significance of experiential and participative learning, the need of incorporating global dimensions to our pedagogies, and impact of hands-on learning experiences to empower the children. He also reiterated the importance of imparting skills and competencies to prepare children of Apeejay Schools to face the challenges of the real world when they leave portals of the school.

Dr. Jayanti Dutta, in the second interactive session, addressed the pertinent concerns – the key psycho-social issues critical to ‘civil society’ that parents face during the challenging early years of their children. Highlighting the crucial role parents play in a child`s life, she advised them to take parallel onus of the child’s behaviour, along with the school.