A number of steps are being taken to further enhance the learning skills of the students.

The English Literary Club
The great end of education is, to discipline rather than to furnish the mind to train it to the use of its own powers - is the inspiration behind-- "The Fountain Head". 

Science Club "Quarks" 
To inculcate curiosity, inquisitiveness in the students and delve deep into matters to think and discover for themselves.

Various activities have been instituted primarily to develop these skills in the students.

Inter-School Science Exhibition was held on 9th Dec 2004
The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. N. K. Pandey, Director, Escorts Hospital & Research Centre. It has not only made the students aware of the various developments in Science but has also helped them to put their theoretical knowledge to practical use by preparing displays of processes & procedures and working models.

The exhibits were divided into two categories.
Category A for classes VI, VII and VIII
Topics: Environment, Resources, Food and Health, Space Exploration

Category B for classes IX, X and XI
Topics: Energy, Communication, Biotechnology and Industry

Result - Awards won by students of our school are:

1st Prize - Environment in Danger
2nd Prize - Nutrition

2nd Prize - Production of Petroleum
Consolation - DNA Finger Printing

The overall trophy was won by the host school but awarded to Apeejay School, Noida.

• The Science Day(28th Feb 05) was celebrated on 21st Feb, 2005 by our students. As per C.B.S.E., the year 2004 was declared as the year of Science. Various activities and experiments were conducted to develop scientific skills of observation, prediction, experimentation and recording.

S.P.A.C.E.(Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators)
The school is also a member of S.P.A.C.E. and 53 students are on the rolls. Activities undertaken were:

Solar Walk (for time calculation), Sun Shadow observation, planetary and lunar watch, Gnomon Shadow & Globe Circumference of the Earth, Introduction of Constellations, Direction finding, Identification of Constellations and bright stars, locked motion, working of telescope, sun spot observation, balloon experiment, crater making etc. 

These activities have indeed helped in increasing knowledge and students have developed a keen interest in the study of space, and more significantly the spirit of enquiry and exploration.

The Mathematics Laboratory 
Our primary objective is to enrich mathematics at the school level and to transmit the beauty of mathematics as a discipline by providing them with an environment, which encourages independent and original thinking. 
5. The Economic Activity Club : Basic aim for 2004-05 was to practically explain the concept of sustainable development within the school premises by economizing the use of school resources (use of water, electricity) and preventing pollution of environment by giving up use of polythenes( or similar non-biodegradable things).

Environment Club
This club strives for spreading awareness about nature and the need for its onservation.

Reader's Club
Reader's club is now an integral part of our school activity calendar. Pupils are encouraged to read thereby inculcating the reading habit at an early stage. This is helping learners to enhance their creativity skill of analysis and power of imagination. The book reviews are read out by the students in the morning assemblies which further builds their confidence and also encourages others to take on this habit. Class libraries have also been initiated in each classroom.

Interact Club
The club organizes community based and school based activities. The club has been doing useful social work, organizing Blood Donation Camps and Literary Campaigns.

Computer Board (Dot Network of Apeejay)
This club intends to create informed thinkers by organizing various activities like quizzes, seminars, workshops, group discussions and the like. The board has two clubs under it at present: The Gamer's Club and the Programmer's Club.

a) Vocal Music : Various Ragas and songs
b) Fine Arts : Learning composition in different median, glass painting
c) Dance : Aerobics with a follow up of folk dances
d) Embroidery : Cross stitch, stem, Stitch, chain stitch, Dutch's set, 
Handkerchief etc.
e) First Aid : Artificial respiration and tying of bandages
f) Cooking : Recipe and its systematic cooking
g) Gymnastics : Backward rules, ground activity, vacuity house, 
flooring, crush mat
h) English dramatics : Emotion of role playing
& Hindi Dramatics
i) Gardening : Gardening, Cleaning, sowing
j) Quiz club : Enhancing General Knowledge of student
k) Mathematics club : Mathematical quiz, riddle & puzzle
l) Instrumental music : Harmonium, Sitar, Tabla, Xylophone, Casio
m) Stamps & coin collection : Healthy Exchange of stamps & coins
n) Yoga : Asanas its effect and advantages on the body
o) Calligraphy : Different styles of writing in English and Hindi
p) Band : Playing of base band, side band, flute
q) Journalism : Taking interviews, writing reports
r) Flowers arrangements : Preparation of artificial flowers, arrangement of bouquets.
s) Fun with Computers : Writing a programs & then filing

Students Councils
The school has a students' council containing 40 members including the Head Boy and the Head Girl.

Parents Teachers Meeting: 
The Parents-Teacher meeting is held on the fourth Saturday of every month.

The school morning assembly has unique features. It sets the right tone for the whole day by directing the thought of pupils towards moral and spiritual values. Students of the House on duty present various short items every day, which serve as food for thought for them and enhance their humanistic and aesthetic sensibility. There is mass singing and prayers besides the National Song and the National Anthem.