Sprawling campus spread in the area of 7 acres of land with well-equipped building, labs, and lush green lawns and with all modern amenities for mental and physical development.


There is a universal assumption that man was born innocent or ignorant and should actively seek knowledge. "Information seeking is thus a natural and necessary mechanism of human existence" (Marchionini, 1995). Information is required to satisfy some goal and for that individual may interact with manual information systems such as a library, or with computer-based systems such as the Web (Wilson, 2000). So it is very necessary to have a well-equipped and well-managed library for a good educational institute. Keeping in view the importance of library in an educational setup, special attention is given on the library collection and its services so that library may cater to the needs of all the staff members as well as the student’s community and achieve its aim.

MEMBERSHIP: A Student who is admitted or a teacher who is recruited in the school is the member of the library. Students of class IV and above are given a Reader’s ticket and are eligible to get a book issued from the library. But the students up to class III may only read or consult the books in the library. Staff members are also legible to get the books issued from the library.

SERVICES: The library has a collection of 4688 books, including a good collection of reference books. The books are on a variety of subjects such as Science, Maths, History, Religion, English/Hindi literature and fiction. Instead of books, the library also has a vast collection of audio-visual material. It has a collection of 141 CD/DVD’s, 26 Audio Cassettes and 26 Video Cassettes. Our library purchases 6 daily newspapers and 11 periodical of different subject areas, interests and languages. By the help of this collection library is fulfilling the needs of its members. The student members are issued one book against the membership ticket for a period of 7 days. An overdue charge of Rs1/- per book per day is charged after the due date.

ARRANGEMENT: The library observes open access system. Children are allowed to select the books on their own from the shelves. The library follows the Dewey decimal classification for classifying the collection .A database is maintained for the collection so that a book may be searched easily by author, title, publisher and subject. All the library books’ record, Members’ record and Issue-Return record are computerized with the help of self prepared library software.

WORKING HOURS: Open to members from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on all working days except Sundays and holidays. It also remains open for full time during Dussehera break, Winter break and Summer vacations.

As the current era is the era of Information Technology. Everyone is going to be a part of this fast track journey. Everywhere the use of information through computers is in anticipation of you. To make the students aware of this technology we have a well-equipped laboratory with latest multimedia computers to sharpen their appetite, having facilities to work on modern software with access to the cyber world through the integrated Internet Accessing facilities. With introduction to CAL this laboratory is providing a platform to understand a specific topic of a subject more concisely. Design of the laboratory is as per CBSE and Apeejay Education Society norms. The laboratory is going to be equipped with the Central Networking and Digital Multimedia Projector (LCD) very soon.


We have a modern, well-equipped and spacious laboratory with capacity to accommodate 24 students at a time. The laboratory meets all the standards set by the CBSE. Acid-proof workstations fitted with L.P.G., Borosil glassware, Electronic balances are some added advantages.

Safety measures are very important while working with hazardous chemicals in chemistry lab. All necessary steps and facilities in this regard are arranged for assuming effective safety in laboratory.


A well-equipped and spacious Bio-sciences laboratory with capacity of 20 students at a time has been established having all the ultra modern facilities. The set-up of the laboratory is as per the standards set by the CBSE.

Wide range of plants and animal specimens are available in it that attracts the students most. Superior quality microscopes are there. Chemical balance and water bath are available for effective experimentation. Facilities for performing dissections are present as per the modern standards. High quality preservatives like formalin are available in it helping in making our own specimens. Tools for first aid are provided for using in case of any ill-happening

It can be said that this lab provides the students with maximum opportunities to grasp more and more knowledge with experimental base.