Dadri, May 01, 2024: The Labour Day celebration at Apeejay School, Charkhi Dadri was a heartfelt tribute to the unsung heroes behind the scenes. The students made beautiful cards as tokens of gratitude for the ancillary staff, recognising their tireless efforts. This activity instilled values of empathy and gratitude in the young minds. In return for their heartfelt gestures, the students received blessings and gifts from the ancillary staff, creating a circle of appreciation and gratitude that encapsulated the spirit of Labor Day.

Dadri, May 01, 2024: The celebration of Principal Day was a delightful occasion filled with joy and warmth. Nursery and KG students, with their innocent smiles and boundless energy, brought cheer to the event. The students went to the Principal’s office to wish him and felt a sense of happiness and contentment in receiving the Principal's blessings and gifts. This event not only celebrated the significance of the School's leadership but also fostered a sense of connection and belonging among the youngest members of the school community.

Dadri, April 27, 2024: The School organised a bagless day to foster creativity, experiential learning and hands-on activities. The students participated in various competitions and activities aimed at nurturing the creative spirit and honing practical skills. Also, inter-house competitions spanning various disciplines, including sports, arts and academics were conducted. The young budding players from middle section played a friendly cricket matches with a team from Shiv Academy Jind for three consecutive days – 27, 28 and 29 April, 2024.

Results are as follows:

Cricket Match

Dadri, April 24, 2024: The School recently organised Inter-House Kho Kho matches for middle-class girls. The final match was between Gautam House and Vivekananda House in which Vivekananda House won the First position. The Principal awarded certificates to the winners and appreciated the efforts and achievements of all participants. The event not only celebrated athletic prowess but also emphasised the importance of teamwork, discipline and fair play.