Scholastic Subjects

  • Subjects
  • English 
  • Physics 
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics 
  • Biology
  • Computer science 
  • Physical Education

Non-Scholastic Subjects

  • Fine arts
  • Sports and Games
  • Music and Dance
  • General Studies

Teaching Learning Strategies

CAL: Computer aided Learning is provided to the students twice a month. During CAL classes students learn and interact with the computer. Teaching learning objectives involve a constant encouragement on the part of every teacher. The contents of the curriculum are followed strictly and in some subjects main stress is imposed on creativity and challenging tasks. After completion of each chapter a class test is given to the students followed by solving model test questions. Through class room discussion students are also encouraged for correct pronunciation of the language. Home assignments are also provided to students for their individual growth. Learning by doing is emphasized through experiments in rich and well-equipped laboratories. Regular motivation and encouragement is given to the students.


Value based Education

  • To develop self confidence
  • To develop self discipline
  • To develop a taste for creativity
  • To develop will power
  • To appreciate our culture and cultural heritage
  • Encouragement for value-based education.
  • Inculcation of virtues like honesty, dedication, sincerity, integrity, and submissiveness
  • To develop the sense of national integration.

Focused Skills

The main focus is kept to expose the individual talents of the students by giving and providing them an appropriate environment.

Evaluation & Assessment

Evaluation & Assessment through:

  • Class Observation
  • Oral and Written Class tests
  • Observation of Daily Progress
  • Observation of Individual Progress
  • Observation of Group Participation
  • Model Papers and Sample Papers
  • Home assignments and Surprise Tests
  • Unit tests and Term Exams
  • Questionnaire