MDP on Happiness Strategy: आनंद

Delhi, Sep 28, 2021: A two-day MDP on ‘Happiness Strategy: आनंद’ was conducted by ASM on 27th and 28th September 2021 for Power System Operation Corporation Limited (POSOCO). The training program was conducted on an online platform Webex. It was inaugurated by the ASM Director, Dr Etinder Pal Singh, and the senior management of POSOCO. On day one, Dr. Ishita Adhikari introduced the content of the program and set the context and dimension of happiness. This was followed by a session on ‘Mindfulness’ by Dr. Preeti Suryawanshi where she discussed the ‘Art and Science of being Mindful’ and practical techniques of being mindful in everyday life. Post lunch session was delivered by Dr. Shweta Jha where she deliberated on understanding self and others to attain ‘Happiness at Workplace’. She also covered the importance of intra-personal & inter-personal issues. Her talk included many situation-based exercises requiring participants to step in the shoes of the protagonist.

Day two started with a session on ‘7 Sins that an Individual commits which lead to Unhappiness’. Dr. Preeti Suryawanshi elaborated on how good habits can be cultivated to overcome these Sins. The session provided practical exercises to develop ‘7 Habits of a Highly Happy Person’. This was followed by a session on ‘Transforming Fear and Negativity into Positivity through Gratitude’ by Dr. Chhaya Wadhwa. She laid down the importance of ‘Gratitude’ in strengthening inter-personal relations and building a positive culture at the workplace. Post lunch session was delivered by Dr. Shweta Jha on ‘Dimensions of Wellness and attaining Happiness through Wellness’. Dr. Jha, through various exercises, provided an opportunity to the participants to understand the role of individuals and organisations in creating wellbeing.

The pedagogy used in the MDP included stories, cases, songs, and videos to make the sessions interactive and interesting. The participants enjoyed the interactive sessions during the MDP.