The Apeejay School of Management hosted a delightful Christmas carnival on the 18th of December, 2023, bringing festive cheer and merriment to the campus. The event featured a vibrant display of holiday spirit, with each area club setting up lively stalls to showcase their creativity and enthusiasm. The carnival atmosphere was further enhanced by a variety of exciting games that added an element of fun and engagement for all participants. From traditional favorites to innovative challenges, the games provided entertainment for attendees of all ages. One of the highlights of the celebration was the "Best Dressed" contest, where participants adorned themselves in festive Christmas colors and attire. This added an extra layer of excitement and friendly competition to the event, as individuals showcased their creativity and holiday spirit. The campus was filled with the joyful sounds of laughter and camaraderie, as students, faculty, and staff came together to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. The festive decorations, lively music, and interesting club stalls created a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone in attendance.

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  • Date: Dec 18, 2023
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