Synergy 2017

New Delhi, Oct. 28, 2017: Apeejay School of Management (ASM) organised the Annual Inter-College Management and Cultural Festival 'Synergy 2017’ on 27th and 28th October 2017. The Fest saw an amalgamation of various games and competitions in an everlasting endeavour to inculcate world-class competencies providing a platform to students for exploring and showcasing their talents. The key attractions of the first day were games like Slow Biking, Three Leg Race, Tug of War & LAN Gaming, among others and various other competitions like RJ Hunt, Solo Dance & Group Dance, to name a few. The second day was more on the glamorous side as it hosted events like Fashion Show, Mr. & Ms. Synergy, Street Play and Flash Mob. Other competitions included Ad Mad Show, Pot Decoration and Hand Painting. All the winners were awarded with prizes by the Chief Guest of Honour, Mr. Sharad Dutta – a noted author, writer, documentary and film maker.

synergy 2017