Seminar on GST

New Delhi, Dec. 7, 2016: The Finance Department organised a Seminar on GST (Goods and Services Tax) wherein Mr. Amit Gupta, CA, Partner, K.K. Goel & Associates and Mr. Vishal Tayal, CA, Partner, TAG LLP were resource persons for the Seminar. Mr. Tayal explained the salient features of GST and the taxes to be subsumed by the GST. He explained the registration process and GST returns to be filed. Mr. Amit Gupta explained the power to tax and international aspects of GST. He discussed challenges in implementing GST and concluded by listing the professional opportunities from its implementation. The Seminar was interactive and well received by the students. It was facilitated by Prof. Kamal Kishore and Prof. Divya Jindal.

Seminar on GST       Seminar on GST 2

    Mr. Vishal Tayal explaining GST             Mr. Vishal Tayal explaining GST