At ASM special emphasis is laid on overall personality development of the students. For this purpose, Skill Development Cell, trains students in Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Business Writing and Conversations, Conflict Management, Negotiation Skills, Selling Skills, Motivation, Business Etiquettes, Facing Interviews and Group Discussions, Telephone and Email Etiquettes, etc. Special stress is placed on enhancing team building skills of students through various group activities.


image1Group dance performance by students during 'Synergy'

Cultural activities are an integral part of all-round development of the student. Students and faculty together organize and enjoy various festival and cultural events at ASM. The annual inter-college Management and Cultural festival 'Synergy' provides students a platform to express themselves, interact with other young minds and exchange ideas through a series of thought provoking and stimulating activities. Various activities and events such as Creative Writing, Bulls and Bears, Street Play, Ad Mad Show, Dumb Charades, etc. are organized as part of the cultural festival. Students from various institutes in and around Delhi participate to showcase their talents and skills.


Our students have been participating in various activities, competitions and events held by other management institutes. This provides our students a platform to understand and appreciate different perspectives and methodologies from different business schools. Our students have done us proud by winning awards in competitions such as quizzes, case study presentation, debates and other cultural activities.

image2Street play during 'Synergy'


As per the Supreme Court judgments, ragging is a heinous crime, hence its practice in any form is strictly prohibited in the institute premises. Any student found guilty of participating / encouraging ragging within the premises would face the severest disciplinary action. The Director may, at his discretion, expel such students from the institute.


image3Quiz in progress during Youth Submit on Environment
and Sustainability

Students clubs and committees are formed to provide them an opportunity to manage roles and responsibilities. These clubs are a critical component of the learning environment at ASM. Students play a major role in various social and cultural activities and are even part of placement process. Students are encouraged to participate in one or more of the following clubs.