Debate Competition – VAGMITA at BVIMR

New Delhi, Jan. 9, 2017: Ms. Aanchal Dang, student of ASM bagged the third prize and won cash prize of Rs 1000 in the debate competition ‘VAGMITA’ organised by BVIMR, New Delhi. The participants were encouraged to come up and showcase their public speaking skills. Participants from various colleges like Apeejay School of Management, SSCB DU & BVIMR, among others, participated in the Competition.

Debate Competition VAGMITA at BVIMR
Ms. Aanchal Dang of ASM won the third position and a cash prize at BVIMR

StockMind Trading Competition

New Delhi, Dec. 2016: ASM students participated in the StockMind Trading Competition that took place for over seven days in the month of December. This is a virtual stock trading competition organised by the ICICI Direct Centre for Financial Learning which tests participants’ investment & financial skills by challenging them to build and manage a virtual investment portfolio. The event was coordinated by Prof. Divya Jindal.

Aashank Jindal was the winner of the competition. Sagar Bansal was the first-runner-up and Manish Shokeen was the second-runner-up.

StockMind Trading Competition

Seminar on Financing of Power Projects

New Delhi, Dec. 8, 2016:

The Finance Department of ASM organised a Seminar on ‘Financing of Power Projects’ for the PGDM students studying course on Project Financing. Ms. Indu Maheshwari and Dr N.V. Kumar from the National Power Training Institute, Faridabad were the resource persons for the Seminar. It included sessions on ‘Overview of Power Sector in India’ and ‘Financial Appraisal of Power Projects’. They also dwelt on the financial aspects of the renewal of energy projects. The seminar, facilitated by Prof. Kamal Kishore, was found very valuable by the students.

Debate Competition on Environmental Issues

New Delhi, Dec. 7, 2016: The Eco Club of ASM organised a Debate Competition on Environmental Issues wherein Anchal Dang & Shivani Misra won the first prize while Sahil Suri & Tanishka Soni were the runners-up. Prof. Alok Saklani, Director, ASM, gave away trophies to the winners.

Seven teams participated in the Competition. The jury for the debate comprised Siddhant Khera, Indua Sharma and Pooja. The event was coordinated by Ashima Jaswal, Alina Ahmad and Sakshi Singh.

Workshop on Online Trading of Derivatives & setting up of Investment Lab

New Delhi, Nov. 30, 2016: The Institute’s Finance Department organised a Workshop on ‘Online Trading of Derivatives’ for the PGDM students. The resource person for the workshop was Mr. Govind Kumar, Senior Manager-Knowledge Management, ICFL, ICICI Securities Ltd. An Investment Lab was set up by providing the students access to an online platform for virtual trading of derivatives.

Mr. Govind Kumar commenced by discussing fundamentals of derivatives and the different types of future and options contracts that can be traded on the stock exchanges. He explained the method of calculating initial and mark-to-market margins. He demonstrated how futures can be traded on the online virtual trading platform. The Workshop was appreciated by students for practical knowledge of derivative trading that it provided.

The Workshop was facilitated by Prof. Kamal Kishore and Prof. Divya Jindal.

ASM Events Workshop1

Mr. Govind Kumar of ICICI Securities conducting Workshop on ‘Online Trading of Derivatives’