Seminar on GST

New Delhi, Dec. 7, 2016: The Finance Department organised a Seminar on GST (Goods and Services Tax) wherein Mr. Amit Gupta, CA, Partner, K.K. Goel & Associates and Mr. Vishal Tayal, CA, Partner, TAG LLP were resource persons for the Seminar. Mr. Tayal explained the salient features of GST and the taxes to be subsumed by the GST. He explained the registration process and GST returns to be filed. Mr. Amit Gupta explained the power to tax and international aspects of GST. He discussed challenges in implementing GST and concluded by listing the professional opportunities from its implementation. The Seminar was interactive and well received by the students. It was facilitated by Prof. Kamal Kishore and Prof. Divya Jindal.

Seminar on GST       Seminar on GST 2

    Mr. Vishal Tayal explaining GST             Mr. Vishal Tayal explaining GST

Seminar on ‘Emerging Legal Business Perspectives’

New Delhi, Aug. 27, 2016: A seminar on ‘Emerging Legal Business Perspectives’ was organised for the PGDM, 1st year students. The eminent panel of speakers included Col. Balraj Anand, Advocate-Honb’l High Court, who shared his views on the ‘Consumers Protection Act’. Mr. Nikhil Midha, Company Secretary, elaborated on the subject of ‘Types of Companies’ under the New Company Act 2013, followed by Dr. Sanjeev Gupta, Director La-Siya Consultants, who spoke on ‘Intellectual Property Rights Act’. Finally, advocate Mr. Prakhar Dixit discussed some corporate cases on IPR.


ASM Events Seminar

Students found the Seminar a great learning opportunity, especially in the context of the rich experience of industry professionals and practitioners who graced the occasion.

Conference on Innovative Practices in IT & Operations Management: Innovations 2016

New Delhi, May 6, 2016: ASM organised its 2nd Conference on Innovative Practices in Information Technology and Operations Management, 'Innovations-2016'. The welcome address of the Conference was delivered by Prof. Alok Saklani, Director, Apeejay School of Management. Prof. Ashok Ogra, Director, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication introduced the theme of the Conference, wherein he talked about the current innovations and importance of technology & operations in business practices.

The inaugural address was delivered by Dr. D.P. Goyal, Professor, MDI, who highlighted the role and impact of IT in various fields of business. Dr. S. B. Bhattacharyya, Head-Health Informatics, TCS, Honorary State Secretary at Indian Medical Association and Mr. Praphul Mishra, MD & CEO, NetCarrots Loyalty Services delivered the keynote addresses. Dr. Bhattacharyya focused on the upcoming innovative information technologies in the field of medical sciences. Mr. Mishra discussed the latest technologies for efficient handling of operations and statistical data. A conference proceeding, bearing an ISBN number was also released on this occasion. The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Shalini Vermani, Conference Convener, Apeejay School of Management.

The inaugural session was followed by the technical session wherein the delegates from across India presented their papers on various aspects of Information Technology and Operations Management like E-Commerce, Waste Management, IT Security, Supply Chain Management, etc. Dr. Sanjay Dhingra, Associate Professor in GGSIP University and Mr. Nimish Pant, Associate Director, KPMG were the conference co-chairs for the technical session.

Conference on Innovative Practices 1

Lecture on Wealth Management & Financial Planning

New Delhi, March 3, 2016: A lecture on ‘Wealth Management & Financial Planning’ was delivered by Mr. Sundeep Singhal, Certified Financial Planner, associated with Business Standard Private Ltd. He discussed factors such as increasing inflation, longevity of life, decreasing interest rates, and others that have led to the growing need for wealth management and financial planning. Mr. Singhal underlined the need for aligning financial goals with investment holding periods and portfolio composition. He discussed different investment avenues and the returns provided by each asset class in the past. Ms. Anurupa Ganguly, Market Communications, Business Standard Private Limited and Mr. Aamir Iqbal, Market Development, Business Standard, were also present during the lecture.

ASM Events Lecture on Wealth Management Financial Planning