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National Conference - NACCMAR 2018 - Best PGDM Colleges in Delhi NCR

Lecture on Wealth Management & Financial Planning

New Delhi, March 3, 2016: A lecture on ‘Wealth Management & Financial Planning’ was delivered by Mr. Sundeep Singhal, Certified Financial Planner, associated with Business Standard Private Ltd. He discussed factors such as increasing inflation, longevity of life, decreasing interest rates, and others that have led to the growing need for wealth management and financial planning. Mr. Singhal underlined the need for aligning financial goals with investment holding periods and portfolio composition. He discussed different investment avenues and the returns provided by each asset class in the past. Ms. Anurupa Ganguly, Market Communications, Business Standard Private Limited and Mr. Aamir Iqbal, Market Development, Business Standard, were also present during the lecture.

ASM Events Lecture on Wealth Management Financial Planning