Visit to Senior Citizen Home

New Delhi, Oct. 3, 2018: Apeejay School of Management, Dwarka, in continuing with its philosophy of holistic development of students and contributing to causes of corporate social responsibility, conducted an engaging program at Godhuli, a senior citizen home on the occasion of International Elderly Day. Over two dozen enthusiastic students welcomed the senior citizens to the venue with a rose and a handmade card. The event was made enjoyable with the blend of classic old songs, dance, skit, poem and live session on yoga & healthy living. The program concluded with cake cutting and discussions over tea. The program was a success with smile and happiness on faces of the Godhuli family. Noble efforts of students were applauded with blessings and loud cheers. The gesture helped students build a bond with experienced elders who taught values of caring and sharing to the students.

ASM Events Visit to Senior Citizen Home

Breast Cancer Awareness Talk

New Delhi, March 14, 2018: The Corporate Resource Cell at Apeejay School of Management (ASM), Dwarka, organised an informative session on 'Breast Cancer', delivered by Ms.Neeti Leekha Chhabra and Ms.Shruti Sharma from 'Yes to Life' NGO. The talk was attended by girl students, lady faculty and staff members. Everyone was delighted to receive crucial information associated with breast cancer including learning various ways to detect it early. Ms. Neeti and Ms. Shruti also emphasised on certain dos & don’ts and the need to fight the shyness associated with a disease which is wide spread in women across the globe.

Breast cancer awareness

Seminar on Gender Equality at Workplace

New Delhi, March 8, 2018: Apeejay School of Management (ASM), Dwarka, organised a seminar on 'Gender Equality at Workplace', wherein Ms Suchita Dutta, Executive Director, Indian Staffing Federation, observed that gender equality has become an important issue in the emerging labour market scenario where we need to encourage skilled female to take up employment in larger numbers. Dr Nandini C Sen, Associate Professor, Bharti College (Delhi University) observed that discrimination against the fairer sex is a reality although people prefer to close their eyes on the issue and claim 'all is well'. She observed that there should be intimate conversations on such themes on a regular basis so that the communities are sensitised adequately. Ms Ritu Kalra, General Manager, HR, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre talked about gender issues in the healthcare sector. Dr Amit Sareen, Officiating Director, ASM, observed that physical barriers should be broken before the mental ones. This may enable the women to access public spaces more freely and attain empowerment in the true sense. 

gender equality

Donation Drive for Family of Disabled

New Delhi, Feb. 23, 2018: Apeejay School of Management (ASM), Dwarka, held a Donation Drive for the Family of Disabled (FOD), a noted NGO, from December to February 2018. FOD is a registered charitable trust, since 1992, engaged in the service of people with different disabilities. It has assisted more than 3100 disabled people to lead a dignified, financially secured and productive life. ASM students, faculty and staff members contributed towards this mission by donating generously.


Visit to NGO - SETU

New Delhi, Feb. 23, 2018: Gender champions of Apeejay School of Management (ASM), Dwarka, visited SETU, an NGO which works closely with children and youth on education of the girl child, women empowerment, quality education and skill development programmes. A workshop was organised on ‘Women Leadership’ using inspirational biographies of successful women leaders with students (mostly girls) who were in the age group of 4-15. This was followed by a story narration competition. The gender champions also elaborated on the importance of Waste Management and trained the children on creating useful products using old newspaper & water bottles. All the activities built huge energy level and frenzy amongst all the participants. The event concluded with the prize distribution ceremony, bringing loud cheers from all.