ASM strongly believes that incorporation of technology increases the efficiency of the teaching-learning process. The institute has its own online learning system, i.e. Moodle. The students are required to register for access to the class notes, hand-outs, attendance, etc. Part of student assessment is also done online.


The academic progress of students is reviewed regularly to ensure the accomplishment of program learning objectives. In case the performance of any student is not found satisfactory, the management and faculty of ASM provide necessary counseling and guidance to the student.

Adhering to its culture of Continuous Assessment, the students ore evaluated not only during the middle and end of a trimester but also during the entire session. Methods like case discussions, projects, class presentations, quizzes, assignments, simulation, online tests, etc. are used to evaluate a student. However, the purpose of using the mode of assessment may vary depending upon the learning outcomes that are being assessed. For instance: presentation skills of a student may be assessed by the content and delivery of a power point presentation; decision making skills may be assessed during case discussions, projects, etc.

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Students during a collage making competition

Class in progress