Faridabad, Ocober 30, 2022: Recently, the Interact Club of our school organised a Cardiac Awareness Session. A senior doctor Dr. Simmi Manocha was invited to speak on the topic for this activity. She is an MBBS, MD (Medicine), DM (Cardio), FASE, FESC, FIAE Director and Head- Non-Invasive and Clinical Cardiology at Accord Super Speciality Hospital, Sector-86, Greater Faridabad.

This session was conducted online where Dr Simmi Manocha explained various causes of Heart disease like poor eating habits, alcohol consumption, smoking and sudden change in lifestyle. She also discussed preventive measures like physical exercises and healthy lifestyle habits. It was an interactive session in which Parents, Students and Teachers enthusiastically participated and asked questions.

Faridabad, Dec 30, 2021:Our school organised a workshop on 30th December 2021 for students of Classes I to VIII. They learnt how to make Handmade Soap in this workshop. The students were given a demonstration on how to make Handmade Soap using glycerine or charcoal soap base, colours and fragrance like jasmine, sandalwood, etc and pour the hot melted soap base into different shapes moulds.

Faridabad, Oct 23, 2021: Apeejay Svran Global School held a workshop for Diwali on Saturday, 23rd October, 2021. In this regard, a workshop on Paraffin-wax candle-making was held for the students. Classes 4 to 8 participated in this activity. The students were given a demonstration on how to make Paraffin-wax candles using oil pastels or wax crayons. They used colourful bits of old crayons for this purpose. They also learnt how to decorate small glasses using fancy creative materials like mirrors, sticker stones, glitter tubes etc.

Children really enjoyed doing this activity and used as a decorative piece for Diwali Celebration. They came up with creative ideas and made a variety of beautiful colourful candles.

Faridabad, Oct 23, 2021: To celebrate the festive season, a workshop was organised for students of Class I to III on 23rd October 2021. In this workshop, the students learnt how to make a Diya Holder. The students used easily available materials like Earthen Lamps, Cardboard, Decorative Mirrors, Paints, Glitter Tubes, Gotta, etc. They were shown how to decorate the base using cardboard and made some creative designs on it using their creativity. Lastly, they stuck their painted diya on it.