Faridabad, Sep. 23, 2015: A workshop on Occupational Therapy was conducted for the teachers of the Pre-Primary wing. In the session, fine motor skills and handwriting issues among early learners were discussed. Teachers were also enlightened on how to overcome challenges in students in a systematic manner and how children could be encouraged to hold a pencil/crayon properly & the right posture to be maintained while writing. A variety of tools, toys and special pencils were used that could facilitate and strengthen the writing skills among children. The tools included magic writing-boards, mosaic construction set, letter construction set, writing workbooks and pencils with rubber grips.

Faridabad, July 3, 2015: A workshop was held at the School by Ms. Kalpana Tandon on ‘Reflective Teaching’ for the members of the staff. Some major points discussed were correct body language, body posture, being level-headed, lesson delivery, debating on various topics, leading by example, day reviewing, etc. The workshop concluded with a question-answer session with the resource person.


Faridabad, May 2, 2015: A Story-Telling Workshop was held at the School by the artists from the Korean Cultural Centre for the students from classes Kindergarten to V. The stage was laid out with some props and the artists made extensive use of various Korean costumes and accessories. Using the technique of voice modulation, they did a marvellous job of breathing life into the characters they portrayed. Students were mesmerised and kept cheering and clapping all throughout the workshop. The stories narrated included Mr. Moon & Ms. Sun, Sim Cheon and Woodcutter & Heavenly Maiden.


In order to keep the teachers of the school updated, regular in-service training is held in the form of in-house workshops that are normally organised on the second Saturday of every month.

Workshop on First Aid

Faridabad, December 29, 2014: A two-day workshop on First Aid was held at the School from 27th - 29th December for the members of the staff and the students.

The workshop began with a brief history of first-aid and how it spread to many countries the world over. This was followed by an explanation about what first-aid is, why it is important, what the qualities of a first-aider should be, what the basics of first-aid are, what are the various conditions in which first-aid is required, what are the various ways of bandaging a victim and how a victim should be lifted or transported with safety. Accidents like choking, bleeding, fainting and fracture were specially stressed upon.

Practical demonstrations of bandaging, CPR, etc. were given to the staff members and essential items in a first-aid box were also enlisted. On-the-spot training and hands-on practice was given to the students. A question-answer round followed in the end in which students raised questions about how this knowledge and training could be used at home or elsewhere.

Teachers and students also learnt the procedures that are followed in an emergency.


Student’s Participated in:

  1. 3rd National Painting Competition on Water Conservation, 2012
  2. Dr. Stya Paul Memorial Mathematics Quest 2012
  3. Spell Vocab Challenger - Vedant Singhal of Class VII was chosen for the zonal round
  4. Olympiads
  5. An Interschool Festival ‘Chunauti’2012
  6. Inter School Powerpoint Presentation Competition
  7. Technolympics, 2012
  8. Forcefest, 2012
  9. Inter School Fiesta - Nav Udaan 2012-2013
  10. Quizomania 2012-13
  11. Code-2012 ‘Technologically Curious’ - Apeejay School, Noida
  12. Dr. Stya Paul Award
    The award is given to one student from primary, one from middle and one from the senior school. The award is given to the students who possess an integrated personality. Virtues like modesty, humility, tenacity, hard work, steadfastness etc are the guiding principles of our revered Chairman Late Sh. Stya Paul. These are the qualities, which are looked for in students before conferring the award. Vedant Singhal of Class VII was awarded this year.