Faridabad, October 17, 2022: Interact Club of Apeejay Svran Global School conducted Nukkad Natak on Atam Nirbhar Bharat. Interactors gave a heart-winning performance of Nukkad Natak in the morning assembly. The same was also performed at Prakashdeep NGO in front of the underprivileged children to inculcate a spirit of being self-dependent and also make them aware of its immense significance in their lives. To encourage and practice the virtue of service before self, the interactors served food to the underprivileged children. The Interactors also conducted a donation drive. In this service, the interactors collected Raw Rice, Pulses and Stationery donated to the kitchen Community and experienced the joy of giving.

Faridabad, Nov 11, 2022: Recently, the students of Interact club performed a Nukkad Natak (Street Play) on “Plastic Free World” for DISHA - A path towards better tomorrow - District Interact Leadership Assembly 2022 (DILA 2022). The event was graced by Mr. N.N Nayyar, Senior Education Officer, Apeejay Education.

Their presentation got selected and they got an opportunity to perform on stage. The students demonstrated their leadership & public speaking skills in front of their peers and Rotary leaders on 11 November 2022 at the leadership assembly. This motivated the participants and had a cascading effect of making them an inspiration for others.


A three-year graded value education programme, for classes VII to IX conceived by Ramakrishna Mission, launched by CBSE and Ministry of Human Resources, was implemented in its true spirit to awaken the infinite potential of each child. The programme consisted of 16 modules. This year the programme was continued in classes VIII and IX.

Value Education Kit prescribed by the CBSE, consisting of value education cards, was used effectively in classes I-VI. This involved imparting of value education through brainstorming sessions, discussions, activities and role-play using value cards. These value cards, based on varied topics of relevance were used during the enrichment periods.

The School enjoys the association with Ramakrishna Mission and shares its resources by regularly conducting collaborative programmes on Self- Development, Leadership and Personality Development, etc. for students and teachers. Teachers have received training at the Ramakrishna Mission to educate students of classes VI - VIII in the School. The teachers regularly conducted sessions in each class to enable students to plan and harmonize their thoughts, actions and goals towards the higher self. Through the program, the students were groomed in self-development practices to develop the power of mind.

The value enrichment programs conducted in the school are:

  • Session 1 - Developing faith in our infinite possibilities
  • Session 2 - Types of possibilities
  • Session 3 - Being heroic
  • Session 4 - Expending Myself
  • Session 5 - Harmony
  • Session 6 - Seeking Perfection
  • Session7 - Developing Shraddha
  • Session 8 - Truth Seeker
  • Session 9 - Universal possibility summary
  • Session 10 - Part A - Playing games and sports
  • Part B - Adapting to the environment I live in
  • Session 11 – Part A - Expressing Myself
  • Part B - Engaging with culture and society
  • Session 12 - Part A - Creating value
  • Part B Expanding the limits of my world
  • Session 13 - Part A - Creative vision
  • Part B - Working with collective intelligence
  • Session 14 - Part A- Inventing new things
  • Part B - Developing solutions of complex, social challenges
  • Session 15 - Part A - learning in all parts of my life
  • Part B - Extending the limits of human knowledge
  • Session 15 - Summary of unique possibilities