Faridabad, Sep 30, 2022: To enhance the awareness about our rich culture among the students, Apeejay Svran Global School, Sector 21D, Faridabad celebrated Dussehra and Durga Puja with utmost excitement and exuberance. The school also celebrated Gandhi Jayanti on this occasion.

The programme commenced with a group of students who educated the audience about the significance of this festival and the history associated with it. While another group elucidated about the importance of Gandhi Jayanti. Thereafter, the tiny tots came to the stage dressed in the attire of the nine goddesses of Navratri and introduced themselves to the audience about their powers and unique characteristics. The spectacle was quite heavenly and filled everyone's heart with the glorification of women’s power.

The students of Classes II and III sang the divine Ram Katha followed by Class V students’ performing the magnificent 'Dhunuchi Dance' of West Bengal. The boys were dressed in Bengali Dhoti & Kurta and girls wore beautiful Bengali sarees.

Faridabad, Sep 28, 2022: In line with the theme of the month: ‘Plants- Our green friends’, the students of Class II presented a morning assembly. They recited poems based on plants and spoke about the parts of a plant using different describing words.

The assembly gave them an opportunity to showcase different aspects of plants that they learnt during the entire month.

Faridabad, Sep 14, 2022: The enthralling occasion of Hindi Diwas was observed fervently in the school on 14 September 2022. The students vivified the morning assembly with a bouquet of thoughtful and pleasant performances in the presence of the chief guests, Mr Sharad Tiwari, Education Officer, Apeejay Education & Ms Anita Paul, Education Officer, Apeejay Education and the principal of the school Ms Priti Wason.

The students were meticulously informed about the significance of Hindi Diwas and the language by the Chief Guests. Students were also introduced to the names of some famous Hindi poets and writers who have contributed remarkably to the literature.

The programme commenced with the school seeking the blessings of Goddess Gayatri. Gurvi, Laranya, and Vidhi of Class II sang a delightful song and Aarav of Class III recited a soulful poem.

The principal of the school Ms Priti Wason addressed the students and enlightened them by saying that mastering the English language is indispensable for academic growth but Hindi is our identity and the essence of our culture.

Morning assemblies are held every day and they form an integral part of the School curriculum. Routine activities in the morning assembly include prayer, hymns, inspirational thoughts, School/National pledge, current affairs and the National Anthem. Apart from these activities, various other informative and educative activities are conducted during the assembly.

India’s richness is marked by her cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity. In order to celebrate these unique features of our country, the Bhasha Sangam initiative under the ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ was initiated by the CBSE to provide multilingual exposure to students in Indian languages listed in Schedule VIII of the Constitution of India. This initiative was taken to create interest in these languages and a curiosity to learn more and to enhance linguistic tolerance and respect, and promote national integration.

Bhasha Sangam

Students sing songs and perform bhangra on the joyous occasion of Baisakhi, the harvest festival of Punjab, as part of special assemblies conducted in the School. The day of thanksgiving for the abundant harvest and also to seek blessings for future prosperity and progress.

2nd October, each year, is celebrated as International Peace Day as well as Gandhi Jayanti. The importance of peace, truth and non- violence hold special relevance in today’s times when our life is becoming increasingly stressful. The life-history of Gandhi Ji and unusual facts about him are shared with students. Inspirational quotes of Gandhi Ji are presented by the students and bhajans are also sung by them.

International Peace Day

Special assemblies are conducted on Children’s Day wherein students perform enthusiastically.

Thanksgiving strengthens friendship and builds a positive attitude towards life. “Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough”.

“To error is human, to forgive is DIVINE”. Kshama or forgiveness is the natural virtue of the soul. When the soul underestimates itself and submits to degradation, it becomes tainted with raag or moha, attached and full of animosity.

Forgiveness Day