Faridabad, August 23, 2021: Number bond using multiplication activity was played. Sets of three bonded circles were given in which the top circle contained the product of the other two numbers. The students had to use their knowledge of multiplication / division to find out the missing numbers.

Faridabad, August 23, 2021: Students were able to frame the greatest numbers from the given digits and find the sum of numbers thus formed.

Faridabad, August 23, 2021: 1st Round - Teacher clicked on two dice icons. The students added the dots shown on the dice and told the answers in the given time.

2nd Round - Adding three dice – Similarly, students added all the dots shown on three dice and told the answer.

The activity was played multiple times in the given time slot.Students were quick to answer and their effort was highly appreciated.

Mathematics expresses itself everywhere in almost every facet of life- in nature all around us and the technology in our hands. Maths helps us describe the world around us in a language that is understood by everyone and helps us to try to solve all manners of problems. With an aim and objective and to develop computational skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, Apeejay Svran Global school recently organised 'Maths Week'.