Faridabad, August 24, 2021: Students were given brainstorming high order thinking riddles to solve. They played a riddle based quiz on QUIZIZZ.

Faridabad, August 24, 2021: Students learnt to find exponents of different numbers with this fun paper folding activity.They folded a square shaped paper numbers of times to find the power of different numbers.

Faridabad, August 24, 2021: Hexagon number grid activity to find total of 23 on all the 6 rows starting from centre and along the sides of the hexagon on its outer rim, was given. Students were allowed to use numbers from 1-19 only once. A few numbers were already given and they were asked to find the missing numbers using the mentioned rules. They were able to complete the activity on time and were requested to share the pictures of the completed work.

Faridabad, August 23, 2021: Students were given a basic arithmetic calculation sheet. The answers obtained from each operation were plotted on a graph and together, it made a picture which was coloured.