Faridabad, August 27, 2021: Students had cards that have either an answer or question on the edge.They then match uped the edges that have the pairs of questions & answers and eventually made a shape. In this case, the activity is matching up perfect squares and square roots.

28, Aug 2021 : The school celebrated the festival of Janamashtmi on 27th August and 28th August 2021.

A special assembly was held in which the students presented prayers, devotional bhajans, poems, skits, dance-dramas, Raas-lila, shlokas, and ‘Krishna Jeevan Darshan’ highlighting the importance of progression in life, moving beyond competition, and controlling desires and temptations, thus appealing to the students to become better human beings.

Kindergarten celebrated the event by dressing up as Radha or Krishanji, listening to some stories about Krishna, and preparing dahi-handi and makhan mishri.

Grade-I children also dressed up as Radha or Krishna and made cards and scenes from the life of Krishna. While the Grade-II students drew pictures and made a peacock head-gear.

Special workshops were held for the students on 28th Aug 2021. They learnt the art of making a 3-D peacock wall-hanging and a swing for Bal-Krishna using decorative materials, paper rolls etc. The workshop was attended by the students of Grades I to VIII.

Principal Mrs. Arora congratulated all the participants for their excellent performances. She exhorted them to adopt the philosophy from the Bhagwat Gita as its teachings make us good human beings.

Faridabad, August 26, 2021: Students made some squares of red and blue colour representing +1 and -1 respectively. With the help of these squares, they added integers of some sign and then a different sign in this activity.

Faridabad, August 25, 2021: Students were made to do an activity on area of similar triangles.