Faridabad, Oct 20, 2021:A Special assembly was conducted virtually by Class IX students on 20th October 2021 to create awareness about World Food Day. The aim was to encourage no wastage of food. The assembly was attended by the staff members and the students of Class IV to IX.

The assembly reinforced learning, helped the children to reflect and explore the moral implications of their actions in various situations. The assembly began with the almighty’s blessing, school pledge, thought for the day and news headlines by Shriram, Harjas, Sonam, Jia and Sagar.

It echoed the theme for World Food Day 2021, “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow” which was well presented in the form of a presentation by Harshpreet. Students talked about the dos and don’ts to save food through an informative video. The assembly ended with a beautiful poem on no wastage of food by Drishti

Principal, Mrs Deepika Arora, stated that it is imperative to not waste food and save it.

Faridabad, Oct 30, 2021: Our school celebrated the festival of Dussehra with fervour starting from 8th October to 13th October 2021.

The festival commenced with the students of Kindergarten listening to the story of Rama-Leela through a puppet show. Dressed up in traditional Indian wear, they had a thali with them that was decorated with flower petals, diyas and traditional sweets like curd-sugar, laddoos, barfi, jalebi etc. They made a model of Ravana using a variety of materials, and also danced to some lively dandiya music.

The students presented a special assembly for the whole school through a virtual programme. They depicted the nine forms of Durga Maa by dressing up and showing pictures. Solo dance performance were presented by Shohini and Ranbir, Durga-Stuti in the form of a prayer by Dhruv, and a presentation about Dushehra by Nirvaan. Chaupais from the Ramayana was sung by Tarushi and Adhirajon the occasion, lending an auspicious aura to the assembly.

A Navratri and Dandiya Night was celebrated by the whole school. The festivity began on an auspicious note with the rendition of bhajan invoking the blessings of Lord Rama by Shaurya Arora of Class VII. The significance of celebrating Vijayadashmi was highlighted by Meenakshi of Class IX.

An invigorating dance performance the Dhunuchi Dance rendered a divine solace to everyone present. The essence of Durga Pooja and its diverse celebration across various states was spotlighted by Amaira of Class VII. A synchronised recital of Ram Bhajan by Maisha of Class VIII enthralled the audience.

Principal, Ms. Deepika Arora, in her address appreciated the efforts of the students and emphasised that this day is considered not only the victory of good over evil but also a reminder to overcome our weaknesses and become strong by indulging in self-introspection. She further urged students to be disciplined and value relationships.

Faridabad, 7th October 2021: In alignment with the theme ‘Animal World’, for the month of October, the students of Class-II presented an online assembly on National Wildlife Week’.

Interesting facts about the National Wildlife Week were shared with the audience. The students were shown an informative video through which they learnt about the endangered species and the reasons behind their being endangered. The video also sensitized the students towards their role in conserving the fauna.

A beautiful poem, A Wake-Up call for all humans to save the wildlife, was recited. The students presented quotes on wildlife conservation. They also took a pledge to save wildlife by being compassionate towards animals.

Faridabad, Oct 01, 2021 :A special assembly was organised by Class I students to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti on 1st October 2021.

The students gave an overview of the life of Gandhi ji and his sacrifices for the nation. They even dressed in ethnic wear and set their virtual backgrounds accordingly. Students recited poems, sang bhajans and value-based messages about truth and non-violence were read out./p>