Faridabad, Oct 10, 2022:Apeejay Stya Group and Apeejay Education marked the 103rd Birth Anniversary of our beloved Founder-Chairman, Dr. Stya Paul ji. He was a renowned industrialist, educationist, freedom fighter and eminent altruist. His life was a perfect example of how one must fight all odds to achieve greater heights in his life.

Endearingly addressed by the students as Dada ji, Dr. Stya Paul was the chandelier of inspiration for one and all. To mark this special occasion, his favourite bhajans were sung. The programme commenced with an introduction of his personality by one of the students of our school followed by Ganesh Vandana to give an auspicious beginning to the occasion. This was followed by a floral tribute indicating the endless stream of love and respect which flows in the hearts of the students and the school fraternity towards him. The essence of the day was gratitude towards the Founder Chairman who envisioned the school and laid down its vision. Our honourable Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Priti Wason enumerated his unique qualities and stressed upon the need to work tirelessly to achieve our goals as exemplified by Dr. Stya Paul ji. Furthermore, she also shared a special message shared by the President Ma’am, Mrs. Sushma Paul Berlia.

All the celebrations reflected the vision of Dr. Stya Paul ji and his reminiscence fostered enthusiasm in the environment. A group of students performed a dance on the motto of Apeejay Education, ‘Soaring high is my nature’ which filled the hearts of the audience with confidence and zeal to work tirelessly in all their endeavours. Thereafter, the students sang the school song Hum Apeejay ke bachche which poured positive vehemence in the environment.

The best students who personify and manifest human values in their day-to-day life are felicitated every year with a citation and scholarship on the special occasion of Founder’s Day. Saanvi Sehgal (Class VII), Ananya Kaushik (Class VIII), Sanchi Bhatia (Class X) and Anjani (Class XII) were conferred upon the prestigious “Dr Stya Paul Award for Human Values” in the school.

Aditi Jain (Class IX) and Saanvi Sehgal (Class VII) were also appreciated for putting up the best paintings during “Rajeshwari Kala Mahotsav”. Maisha Rai (Class IX) was applauded for getting a silver medal in the Karate Championship.

Faridabad, Sep 22, 2022: Grandparents are the greatest treasure, the founders of a beautiful legacy, brilliant storytellers and above all the true well-wishers of a family. To honour them, Apeejay Svran Global School, Sector 21D celebrated Grandparents’ Day on 22 September 2022.

The grandparents were cordially welcomed following which they participated in the lamp-lighting ceremony to give a propitious beginning to the programme. Our honourable Principal ma’am addressed the grandparents conveying the message that the stories told by the grandparents imbibe the roots of knowledge among the grandchildren to distinguish between good and bad.

The programme commenced with the chanting of the Gayatri Mantra which permeated the environment with positivity and tranquility. The tiny tots sang vivacious songs with endearing expressions. They also presented a dance devoted to their grandparents. The kids also recited well-articulated poems and presented a skit manifesting the indispensable role grandparents have within a family. Thereafter, the tiny tots sang the divine Ram Kahani. Further, the grandparents played the game of musical chairs and the winner were greeted with gifts. The programme came to its successful conclusion with a vote of thanks by the Primary in charge.

Faridabad, Sep 05, 2022: The school celebrated Teachers’ day with boundless fervour and exuberance. Students organised a plethora of activities to pay respect to their teachers. The programme commenced with the roli tika ceremony.

The tiny tots came dressed in beautiful costumes and sang euphonious melodies in praise and esteem for teachers. The senior grades performed a skit displaying the hard work and diligence of the teachers towards their students. Followed by a dance performance symbolising the indispensable role teachers’ play in their lives.

The junior students recited exquisite poems pouring their feelings for their teachers. Vanshika of Class VI recited a poem entitled ' Girte hain jab hum to hume uthate hain Shikshak'. Students of Class Nursery to V performed a card-making activity wherein they exhibited their creativity and innovation.

Principal, Ms. Priti Wason, thanked the teachers for their efforts towards shaping the lives of the students.

Faridabad, Aug 30, 2022: Festivals root us to our traditions and culture. They inform, educate and bring people together thereby furnishing them with an opportunity to rejuvenate themselves and usher alacrity in their lives. Ganesh Chaturthi is one such festival where people channelise positivity into their lives thereby removing the obstacles from their lives. Apeejay Svran Global School, Sector 21D celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with enthusiasm and exuberance through a plethora of activities.