Faridabad, April 3, 2021: Apeejay Svran Global School organised an online Orientation Day on 3rd April to acquaint the new parents and students with the philosophy of the Organisation, which will guide the young students through the years they spend with the school. The program commenced with a floral tribute to the Chairman, Dr. Stya Paul Ji, followed by a virtual lamp lighting and a welcome song by our students. They also presented a lively dance on the School Song, to reiterate the motto ‘Soaring High is My Nature’. School Principal, Mrs. Deepika Arora, extended a formal welcome to the guests and invitees.

Education Officer, Ms. Purnima Vohra, presented an overview of the Apeejay Education, and Mrs Deepika Arora acquainted the gathering with the functioning and features of the School.

Resource Persons for the day were Paediatrician, Dr Vikas Jain and Clinical Psychologist, Ms Anuna Bordoloi.

Ms Anuna Bordoloi shared her knowledge and expertise with all. She talked about parenting as a cumulative process keeping in mind the overall development of the children. She threw light on some common mistakes made unknowingly, like an unconscious habit of comparing our kids to others. She emphasised the importance of role modelling - Children imitate and learn from what we do, so we need to be careful with what we present, and much more. She also discussed different parenting styles such as:

  • Authoritarian - Parents having the hold, trying to teach discipline by being strict.
  • Permissive - They are more open, their expectations are minimal.
  • Uninvolved - The child here has a lot of freedom and the parents stay out of their way. Very little communication and nurturing happen.
  • Authoritative - They are reasonable. Communication is both ways. Expectations and goals are high but stated clearly.

Ms Anuna also talked about behavioural issues - low self-esteem, inferiority, denial, trouble-causers. These things can happen due to inappropriate parenting styles, therefore, disciplining the kids through consistency is necessary. She also emphasised letting the children solve their problems on their own. Dr Vikas Jain shared his knowledge and expertise with all about keeping oneself fit and healthy. He suggested avoiding junk food. Exercise is a must to minimise the harmful effects of digital learning. He advised everyone to be responsible digital learners, be a good role model as a parent and communicate with children. In the end, the parents raised their queries with the esteemed resource persons. These were well answered. Ms. Aastha presented the vote of thanks and the program concluded.