Faridabad, Jan. 11, 2017: A workshop on ‘Awareness of Road Safety’ was conducted for the students at the Apeejay Svran Global School by Mr. Pooran Chand Pawar, DCP-Traffic, Faridabad and the Traffic Zone Officer. They spoke about the importance of traffic rules and the safety of all people who travel on the road. The students were informed about the different types of signboards and associated traffic rules, the purpose of a zebra crossing, the meaning of the hand-positions of the traffic controller, prominent reflectors on cycles and rickshaws, importance of seat-belts and helmets, safe-driving, and proper parking of vehicles.

They also advised not to throw trash outside the vehicle while driving or travelling, not to make noise in the school bus as it leads to distracting the driver, avoid use of a mobile phones or earphones while driving and that driving under the influence of intoxicants is strictly prohibited.

Mr. Pawar exhorted the students to follow traffic rules and spread awareness about the same. He also presented some statistics about road accidents being the major cause of deaths. Almost all accidents are avoidable and are caused due to carelessness regarding traffic rules. He also told the students not to drive until they attain the age of eighteen years.

On the occasion, the School Principal spoke about the importance of safety and following of rules in order to become conscientious and responsible citizens of tomorrow. The session concluded with the students’ promise to the authorities on strictly following the traffic rules themselves and they would also make an effort and ensure that their parents, relatives, friends and neighbours follow them.

Traffic Rules