The School organised an inter-school sports meet ‘Junior Svran Olympics’ wherein the junior students of various play-schools were invited to participate in the event. The races organised for them were fun-races.

The programme began with a formal welcome of the Chief Guest and the participants. The students of the School presented a welcome song and the Meet was declared open by the Chief Guest.

The races were as follows:

  • Little Red Riding Hood (Pre-Nursery - Girls)
  • Colour Race (Pre-Nursery - Boys)
  • Shape Race (Nursery - Girls)
  • Frog and the Princess (Kindergarten - One Boy and One Girl)
  • Math-letics ( Grade I, One Participant)
  • Math-letics (Grade II, One Participant)
  • Lion and the Mouse (Nursery - Two Boys)
  • Little Chef Race ( Kindergarten - One Girl)
  • Sorting of Fruits and Vegetables ( Grade I - Two Boys)
  • Solve the Puzzle (Grade II - One Girl)
  • Birthday Race (Grade I - Two Girls)
  • Hurdle Race (Grade II - One Boy)

The Chief Guest addressed the participants in the end and the meet was declared closed by the Chief Guest. The students of our School also presented a Closing Song. The winners were given prizes.