Faridabad, Oct 29, 2021 : The students of Class Nursery to II got a feel of international festivals as part of their ongoing theme. They virtually celebrated Halloween Day.

Looking forward to the day, they were excited and well prepared with costumes, props and make up.

Class-II presented a special assembly on the occasion, stating the facts related to the festival. Lavish compered the whole programme with much poise. Kavya and Onkar chanted the prayers while Viraj led the assembly for the pledge. Navya presented the thought for the day and Ujjwal, Shivansh and Hamzah read out the daily news. Aarav, Aarya and Parth presented facts about the festival through a PPT.

All the classes had a fun-filled party thereafter, dancing to special Halloween music, preparing spooky sandwiches with a wide variety of materials like ketchup, chocolate sauce, and slices of fruits of different colours.

They also played a Trick-or-Treat quiz, for which they kept a bowl of sweets ready. The teacher asked them some questions and upon replying correctly to them they had to treat themselves to candies and chocolates.

They had a lot of fun dancing to music and trying to scare one another. It was a great time they had in the party.